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Video: Lisa Eldridge Shows How to Contour and Highlight

Contouring and Highlighting — Lisa Eldridge Shows Us How

I have some contouring cream at home in my beauty cupboard and before I was taught how to use it, it had me baffled! Was it a form of foundation? Or more like a cream bronzer? I came across this great how-to video by one of the world's most talented and well-known makeup artists, Lisa Eldridge, and I thought it was worth sharing for anyone who wants to try contouring, sculpting and highlighting but doesn't really know how. She's put her brushes to work on famous faces including Kate Moss, Emma Watson and Katy Perryand she contributes to ELLE UK. Kim Kardashian is a huge fan of contouring, she uses the technique to make her nose and jaw line look slimmer — something to try next time you put your face on? You don't need a special cream, as you'll soon find out, a normal bronzing powder will do.

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