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Video of Twilight Hand Model Ellen Sirot Talking About Hand Modelling

Check Out This Video of the Twilight Apple Hand Model . . .

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It's a bit of a weird claim to fame, being the hands holding the apple on the cover of the Twilight novel, but I'm sure Ellen Sirot — owner of said hands — is happy with her lot. She claims that she can make anywhere between US$100 an hour to "thousands of dollars an hour" depending on the client. Seems like her and Gemma Howorth — who has impersonated the hands of Kate Moss, Natalie Imbruglia, Kylie and Lily Cole — are onto a good thing. Huh. But it does come with its downsides. Ellen told Sunday Morning that her hands haven't seen the light of day in "about 15 years," and that a paper cut could signal the end of her career. Or at least, lose her a job. Then there's the doors that she can't open, the sports she cannot play, the cooking she can't do. Oh, and the fact that her hands never seem to stop posing, or stroking themselves, even when she's off duty! Seriously, check it out. Blue steel, baby.

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