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WIN the Chance to Trial NIVEA's New Calm & Care Deodorant

Irritated Underarms? Take the NIVEA Calm & Care Challenge

Did you know that when you shave your underarms 36 percent of the material collected is layers of skin? That sounds like a LOT of skin to lose, dontcha think? Which probably means it can't be all that good. And it isn't. See those layers of skin are eeee-ssential for protection. Without them, you can say a big hello to moisture loss and irritated, red underarms. Attractive. Through some deodorant into the mix and it'll only get worse. So what's a girl to do—go au naturelle?

Thankfully, no. That won't be necessary if you switch to the new NIVEA Calm & Care Deodorant. It contains a potent blend of provitamin B5 (aka panthenol) which helps speed up cell turnover and replace those missing skin cells, and hamamelis (aka witch hazel), famous for its anti-inflammatory properties. Together they help strengthen skin, decrease irritation and improve the appearance of the underarm area. Schweet. But of course, we wouldn't expect you to just take our word for it. Why not try it for yourself?

WE WANT YOU to join us on the NIVEA Calm & Care Challenge and see what a difference this little beauty can make to your skin. To be in with a chance of being picked to trial the product, simply share with us in the comments section whether you're a roll-on or anti-perspirant kinda gal and why.

NIVEA Calm & Care Deodorant will be available from August 1 in a 50ml roll-on ($3.79) and 150ml anti-perspirant ($4.99).

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ChronoSphinx ChronoSphinx 7 years
I'm an anti-perspirant girl. I don't like the roll on because I'm a little paranoid, I think that the roll-on will get dirty.
mabelton mabelton 7 years
Anti-perspirant. I don't have a reason why I just always use it. I hope this is a miracle product because my sensitive pits cannot take it anymore...and I'm not about to go au naturel. Gotta do something to mellow this situation!
daysofourlives daysofourlives 7 years
Roll on, baby, i just roll it on after the shower and forget. Compact and doesn't stink out the bathroom. I love that its compact, so it fits in my uni bag or in a drawer :D Furthermore, roll on seems to dry quickly for me.
Unicorn73 Unicorn73 7 years
I use both a roll-on and a spray. I use a spray in the morning after my shower, then take a roll-on out with me for use during the day. The small size means they are great for travelling, too.
KateMu KateMu 7 years
I definitely prefer sprays, I dislike the fact that Roll Ons seem wet. And I almost think a bit unhygienic too because it's the same ball rolling on your underarm everyday, sometimes more. I never find stains a problem with a spray.
beautybee1 beautybee1 7 years
I prefer roll-ons. I like the fragrance choice of the sprays- not the pressurized blast but anything that solves shave-burn sounds good to me!
Ange-Demon013 Ange-Demon013 7 years
roll on. I find it works better to prevent underarms stains. And besides if you're sharing rent with someone else, you don't want to asphyxiate them the next time they enter your room/bathroom. Does this product contain fragrance by the way?
birdplane birdplane 7 years
I use both! I roll-on after my evening shower and then another roll in the morning, and I use anti-perspirant right before I hit the gym.
sandyg68 sandyg68 7 years
I use both methods, but prefer roll on! With some brands the spray can get up your nose, where as the roll on is so direct and so small you can take anywhere!I would love to try NIVEA calming, anti-inflammatory Deodorant. :)
gemmacharlotte gemmacharlotte 7 years
I prefer roll-on, the sprays always seem to take forever to dry and in my case leave white marks on my clothing, even if I use the "no white marks" sprays. Plus, I think the roll-ons are more discreet and small enough to keep in your bag.
cherryninja cherryninja 7 years
i use both, but usually just use the spray on for the sake of the fragrance. i always have rash after i shave under my arms so i would love to give this product a try.
missy1632 missy1632 7 years
I always use a roll-on... never a spray (is that an antiperspirant , I thought roll-ons were still antiperspirant? As in they stop you from perspiring??). I personally just don't like spraying things onto my skin (assuming this comparison is between spray ons vs roll-ons??!) and I find holding the can far enough away from your armpit makes it hard to direct the spray where you want it. Maybe I'm just a bit uncoordinated! :) Hopefully I haven't completely missed the point if this?!
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