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WIN Grown Shampoo and Conditioner Sets! 2010-04-11 16:00:39

Earth Month Giveaway! WIN Grown Shampoo and Conditioner!

It being Earth Month an' all, besides from walking to work, using less water and remembering to recycle, we’re also giving you the chance to get your hands on some green goodies.

This week, it's some of our favourite Australian-made organic products up for grabs: Grown Shampoo and Conditioner sets (valued at $48). Grown Damask Rose, Black Paper and Sage Shampoo is packed full of nutrients to gently cleanse and restore, leaving hair super shiny. The Damask Rose, Chamomile and Lavender Stem Conditioner not only smells lovely, but features bush tomato and vitamin C to untangle and leave you ready to style.

We've got three sets to give away each day, every day through Friday, April 16. Woot! Wanna score a set? All you have to do is tell us in the comments section what your hair's like at growing? Mine is super speedy so shorter styles are hard to maintain but I'm the envy of my friends. Do you have speedy strands, too, or are yours snail-paced? Tell me all . . .


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beautybee1 beautybee1 7 years
My hair grows fast and it's also very thick so if I didn't cut it regularly I would end up looking like Cousin It from the Addams Family. It's not a curse though - terrible haircuts grow out in a couple of weeks!
fig-nation fig-nation 7 years
My hair grows quickly...but the ends become split and dry very quickly! It's very thick as well so 6 weeks after a hair cut it starts to feel very heavy.
glossqueen glossqueen 7 years
I'm really lucky that my hair grows quite fast and I can grow it as long as I want to.
blandis blandis 7 years
Fast growing but very fine and breaks very easily (ie I always have those wispy bits around my head!!)
purplechic purplechic 7 years
My hair grows quickly - not just length-wise, but thickness-wise too! Because it is very thick and also naturally wavy/curly, it is difficult to manage when it gets too long. So my ideal length is just below the shoulders. When my hair gets too long, not only does it take ages to blow dry and straighten, but when I comb conditioner through, I get lots of strands falling out.
KateMu KateMu 7 years
My hair is in a short style, so I need to get it cut every 6 weeks or my stylish bob becomes not so stylish! It grows very fast, but that suits me fine!
missmarian missmarian 7 years
Very fast growing - keeping it nice and long at the moment.
cancook cancook 7 years
My hair grows very fast so I need to have frequent haircuts to keep it looking styled. There is the advantage that a 'bad haircut' grows out quickly!
micd123 micd123 7 years
My hair grows very slowly. Because I don't need to get it cut very often, I get a lot of split ends.
doogs doogs 7 years
My hair grows quickly at weird lengths. Sometimes the colour isn't my natural hair colour.
lafashionista78 lafashionista78 7 years
My hair is growing greys at the moment....arghhhhh! Apart from that it grows pretty quick although would prefer it without the greys!
blondie1973 blondie1973 7 years
My hair grows very slowly and I don't get it cut as much as I should because of my hairstyle,parted down the middle somewhere and straight as.My hair is thin as too and I always have a problem with dry ends(my ends are like hay,dry and horrible ) :( Grown Shampoo and would be a perfect solution for me,natural and organic to bring my hair back to life. Just what my hair needs................reviving :D
Unicorn73 Unicorn73 7 years
My hair is slow-growing and is very fine. Wish it was thicker. It's long, but I can never seem to get it to grow past a certain length! Very weird.
Edlie Edlie 7 years
My hair grows very quick - too quick! I must eat too much protein or something. I think I look better with shorter hair, but it is so expensive because it grows out so quickly. The Grown shampoo and conditioner look amazing - bet they smell delicious too!
rose-pink rose-pink 7 years
I think my hair grows at the average growth rate of 1.2cm per month... so it looks like I'll be waiting about a year for my desired hair length!
Kimberliew Kimberliew 7 years
My hair is short and VERY fast growing, so i need to trim it frequently ( to avid the Carol Brady hair around the neck!)
jazzy7 jazzy7 7 years
My hair grows thick and fast with split ends. It doesn't matter how much I cut it. My hair will always be long and oily
jchanner jchanner 7 years
My Hair grows very quickly and is thin and seems to fall out alot although I have no bald patches and I have alot of it which suprises people when I say I have fine hair. Long hair is better for my hair type. At the moment though my hair is dry and lifeless and I really need some help to get it back to a good healthy, shiny condition.
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