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We Shine the Spotlight on Simple Skincare Travel Sizes to See How Readers Rate Them!

In the Sugar Spotlight: Simple Kind to Skin Travel Sizes!

The Sugar Spotlight crew have been keeping busy putting Simple skincare through its paces. They've been testing the travel-sized Kind to Skin Range, which features Refreshing Facial Wash Gel, Soothing Facial Toner, Hydrating Light Moisturiser and Eye Make-up Remover. Find out what had they had to say, including how it held up with sensitive skin. First, we'll hand over to Maryanne, who is our very first reader to be in the Sugar Spotlight with her standout review. Congrats, Maryanne!

"I haven't ever used a gel facial wash so was quite interested to use this. A little bit really goes a long way and it does what you want — scrubs your face nice 'n clean without irritating. I found a huge improvement to my skin tone from using the toner — it has made a huge difference to the clarity and radiance of my face and it looks like I'm glowing. It must be said that I haven't actually used a toner as part of my beauty regime for many years, mainly because ones I've had in the past really stung my sensitive skin, but this one is really good and doesn't hurt at all. I wear eyeliner every day, so an eye makeup remover is an essential item. I've used a high end designer brand in the past and actually prefer the Simple one — mainly because it isn't greasy at all. My only criticism is that the bottle isn't very squeezable so it's a little harder to get the mixture out, but then again on the plus it means you can't really accidentally tip half of it out. I really like this face moisturiser; it's a real no fuss kind of cream. It ticks all the boxes when it comes to aspects of a moisturiser that I look for — it is light and not heavy, does not leave a greasy film over your face, isn't perfumed, doesn't sting your eyes. Overall a great budget moisturiser that does the trick!" I've used a high end designer brand in the past and actually prefer the Simple one." — Maryanne

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"I’ve been a fan of Simple moisturiser for years as my skin does get quite sensitive and it’s always been non-irritating and lightweight which is something I look for. I find that my eyes are the most sensitive part of my face so I’m always weary about trying new products — my trick is to apply the product onto a cotton wall pad that’s been soaked in warm water, I find this irritates my eyes less that way. When I did this with Simple, it removed the product effectively and didn’t hurt my eyes. I have to say I’d definitely buy the travel products again — I’m a sucker for anything mini and at that price what’s not to love!" — Lydia

"Simple Skincare couldn’t be any, well, simpler! These travel-sized products were so convenient to use, and I love how the lack of fragrance and harsh chemicals meant I didn’t have to worry about nasty reactions on my sensitive skin. The moisturiser and cleanser were key products; they felt natural against my skin and left it feeling plump and smooth rather than dry and itchy." — Hilary

"Thank you for sending me the samples to test! The eye makeup remover was effective but it did sting my eyes a little, so I had to be more precise with my cotton ball! The facial toner was refreshing and didn't cause redness, which is usually the case with me. The hydrating moisturiser was light and non-greasy and the facial wash gel left my skin soft. I would use this, although I would alternate it with a facial scrub." — Kati

"I found the cleanser okay — it lathers easily and removed makeup, however I did find it a little drying. I found both the toner and the eye makeup remover really good. The toner was gentle and the eye makeup removed mascara well. The moisturiser was good but not rich enough for a night cream, I'd say." — Beth

"The makeup remover easily removed my waterproof mascara without leaving an oily residue behind. My favourite product was the gel cleanser — once this was applied to damp skin, it worked up into a thick lather which left my skin feeling moisturised. I felt the packaging on some of the products could use some improvement, such as the toner and makeup remover having larger holes to dispense the product but overall, I would not hesitate to recommend Simple Skincare to anyone on a budget with sensitive skin." — Neveen

"I found the gel wash very thick but I was thoroughly impressed with the toner. My skin has never looked so smooth and flawless. It was light and had a very fresh smell that was undetectable yet refreshing. It really clears and did minimise my pores. The moisturiser was light and refreshing just like their bottle says. It was not thick or dense like a lot of moisturisers, I would definitely buy this moisturiser as part of my daily routine. Lastly, I loved this eye makeup remover! Most removers sting your eyes but Simple eye makeup remover is heaven-sent ladies! No sting and it works like a charm." — Jacqueline

"I used the Simple Skincare range for 10 days in replacement of my normal routine. The cleanser was fabulous, not too foamy and it made my skin feel fresh, I don’t normally use a toner but the moisturiser was good, not oily at all. The eye makeup remover is fantastic!" — Stephanie

"I love this eye makeup remover; WOW did it remove makeup! Even waterproof mascara was GONE within seconds. The cleanser got right into my pores and cleared out the days gunk and even cleared out some of my tougher blackheads, but I needed to lather the product to get good results. The toner certainly tightened pores and helped clear a tough zit, but I found it drying so I would probably one use this one during a bad breakout. I’ve been using this moisturiser for two years now and it's fab!" — Liz

"I absolutely loved the makeup remover, it is probably one of the best I have used and worked with even the toughest mascara. It was also light on the skin and did not cause irritation at all which many removers tend to do. I will definitely recommend this product to my friends! The cleanser left my skin feeling clean and refreshed but the moisturiser was probably not rich enough for my skin as my skin tends to be on the dry side. However it would do as a light moisturiser to wear under foundation during the day. I loved the size of the packaging, will definitely be taking it away with me next time we travel." — Cassie

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