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Weekly Roundup of Reader Comments on BellaSugar

What Had You Talking This Week: Haircare, Eyebrows & More!

What a year! There have been so many incredible beauty moments in 2010, and we've loved giving you the lowdown on each and every one! However the best part about it is to be able to hear your thoughts and feedback. So for the last time this year, here's what you had to say this week on BellaSugar:

Vanessa Hudgens should stick with what works for her after the breakup with Zac Efron:

"Looking at this gallery, she really has had the same look for a long time! Compared to a lot of celebrities, who change their haircut/colour with their underwear! And why not, really. It suits her!" — Biarose

You agree that Moroccanoil is the Biggest Haircare Phenomenon for 2010:

"I literally just purchased my first ever bottle of Moroccanoil a few days ago, and so far I love it! I was worried it would leave my hair greasy . . . but it really is a dream to work with. And the scent—Mmhmmm! So good!" — Missy1632

Keep reading . . .Seems neither Leighton or Gwyneth really did it for you at the Country Strong premiere:

"I don't like either of these, to be honest. This particular shade of red lipstick doesn't compliment Leighton's skin tone, and Gwyneth looks a bit too bronzed up to pull off any 'natural' look. If I had to pick it'd be Gwyneth because it's not hard to find a good lipstick shade that suits you, even in bold reds, and Leighton should know better." — Birdplane

Taylor Swift shares her eyeliner tips, so you share yours!:

"My tip is a super-sharp eyeliner pencil, and to follow the line of the last lash on the upper lid. Because I have a droopy eyelid, following the lash works better than following the lid, and my wings are always even." — Autumns_Elegy

"I always follow the line of the bottom lash when winging out, as well. When I was a total rookie I use to dab my liquid eyeliner brush onto the back of my hand and dip my angular brush onto the eyeliner, because it's easier to use an angular brush then the felt tips. For me anyway!" — Birdplane

We LOVE the mismatch eyebrow look (as seen on Michelle Williams) and you share your thoughts, too:

"I do, I keep my eyebrows their natural colour when I dye my hair. Mostly because dye and eyes don't mix! — Autumns_Elegy

"Michelle Williams's bright-blue peepers look amazing with platinum blonde & darker brown brows. I lighten my brows ever so slightly to keep them brown, not black." — Miffny

"No no no no no, there's special dye for eyebrows! This is a huge pet peeve of mine, especially when there's a drastic difference. You can't have black eyebrows (like I do naturally) and reddish hair, or dark brown eyebrows and light blonde locks. It doesn't match!" — Birdplane

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