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Weekly Roundup of Reader Comments on BellaSugar 2010-12-11 13:00:36

What Had You Talking This Week: Liv Tyler, Twilight & More!

We just want to say that we really do love hearing your feedback—no, we haven't cracked open the Christmas sherry just yet, but we are feeling sentimental as the year draws to a close. Sigh. To round up one of the final weeks of the year, here's what you had to say this week:

We ALL agree Liv Tyler will look stunning sans makeup in the new Very Irrésistible Givenchy L’Intense campaign:

"She's amazingly beautiful, so I reckon the ad will look great." — Autumns_Elegy

Dita Von Teese might be on to something with her new beauty book:

"Wow, I'm really excited for this! I love hearing Dita's beauty tips. She has such stunning skin." — Biarose

Keep reading . . .You think it's totally ok to do a (discreet) makeup touch-up in public:

"I'll do small touch ups, like lip gloss, in public, but I won't do a full face in the car or on the train." — Autumns_Elegy

"I've done lipstick and lip gloss discreetly in public. The rest are just a NO-NO." — Durian

We've all decided that we could not be the hand model from the Twilight book:

"What a horrid job! I honestly don't think it'd be worth the money to not be able to use my hands" — Biarose

Tay-Tay once used a Sharpie for eyeliner, so we asked for your beauty confessions:

"I used to use permanent markers to colour my nails, probably because I was 14 and the local Priceline didn't stock bright-blue polish!
I've also used talcum powder as dry shampoo before (that failed miserably)." — Autmuns_Elegy

"I painted my nails with white out, too! Trying to be all classy and do a mani in year eight." — Birdplane

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