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What Beauty Products Does Sofia Vergara Use

Sofia Vergara On the Three Products She Can't Live Without

Sofia Vergara On the Three Products She Can't Live Without
Image Source: Getty / Jason Merritt

We're always curious to know the beauty products celebrities actually reach for in the comfort of their own bathrooms. So when we had the chance to chat to Sofia Vergara, we couldn't help but quiz her on her everything from her beauty secrets — she's a red carpet pro who gets to try a lot of products, chances are she really knows what's up — her beauty muse (it's Sophia Loren, of course!), her role as Head & Shoulders' latest ambassador, and the three products she always buys on repeat.

Keep reading for our quick-fire Q&A and shop Sofia's favourite products below.

POPSUGAR Australia: Tell us a little about your usual beauty routine?

Sofia Vergara: I always start with a moisturiser — that is one of the most important things. And for everyday life when I'm not working I always wear at least lipstick and mascara. I love to try new things and have a million products, but I usually stick to my signature look, which is brown eyeliner and a pinky-brown lip. I am also big on skincare, and love to try new products.

PS: When do you think you feel most beautiful?

SV: I think of course you always feel beautiful when you are all dressed up for a special event, so I guess I would say red carpets.

PS: What's the best beauty advice you've been given?

SV: The best advice I've received, and what I always tell people too, is to wear sunscreen! It's so important for your skin ageing gracefully.

PS: Who is your beauty muse?

SV: For sure it's Sophia Loren. She has been glamorous and beautiful for many years.

PS: Your go-to date night look?

SV: A dress that shows off your best assets, high heels, and makeup, always.

PS: Do you have an exercise regime that you enjoy?

SV: Ugh, I hate working out! But I have to do it because I also love desserts. I need to mix it up all the time or else I get bored, but I have been getting more into weight training.

PS: If you have five minutes to do your hair what do you do?

SV: My hair is naturally straight, so I'll leave it smooth. I love sexy, shiny hair that feels silky.

PS: Wax, laser or shave?

SV: Some things are better left a smooth secret!

PS: What other women do you admire and why?

SV: My mother and my aunts because they are such strong, multi-faceted women who are so loving and supportive and strong.

PS: You can't leave your house without . . . ?

SV: My cell phone. I do everything on my phone.

PS: What are some of your favourite beauty products?

SV: I honestly have so many I don't know where to start! I love trying everything. I for sure always wear sunscreen — I think that is super important. I'm also a big fan of Covergirl LashBlast mascara for big, sexy lashes, Crème de la Mer and Head & Shoulders 3-Action Formula shampoo and conditioner.

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