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This Is What Tattooed Brows Look Like 16 Months On

This Is What Tattooed Brows Look Like 16 Months On

My prayers for good brows (just like Gigi's) were answered by the feather-touch skills of Amy Jean almost 18 months ago when she tattooed my arches. You can read all about the first time here. Now, over a year after my first brow tattooing experience, it was time I got them touched up.

My year with brows has been great, they're no longer something I lament over and painstakingly apply every morning. Godsend. Here are 6 things that have been made easier now I have tattooed brows:

  1. They don't disappear in water. Pool, sea or shower, these babies are here to stay!
  2. Brow mascara is a tattooed girl's best friend. This will add depth and dimension so your arches don't appear flat.

  3. Going to somewhere you trust is everything. Over the last year or so I have been privy to many a nightmare tale because the industry is not properly regulated. Please do your research before you invest, and make sure the images the salon you're going to are actually theirs — some salons have been known to showcase work that isn't their own!

  4. Keep tinting your brows. I know it seems cruel that you still have to invest at all, but a good brow tint just makes your arches even better and more natural-looking. I like to go to Benefit Cosmetics for this as they're super quick and they do a really good colour, that's not too dark.

  5. The work is done for you. I love now that every time I want to add bold brows to a look, I have the perfect outline to work on.

  6. They don't last forever. As you can see from my most recent before and after below (18-month old tattoos vs. freshly done), they fade and blur over time. This means, if I ever decide I don't want them anymore, it will only take a few years to let them go.
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