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What to Do If Water's Turned Your Hair Green

Q) HELP! My Hair's Turned Green, What Do I Do?

A) Certain water can make hair turn an ugly shade of green. A lot of older houses, especially the older style terraces in Sydney, tend to have old piping which over the years builds up a metallic base which sits in the pipelines. This then reacts with the water and over a period of time can create green tinged hair, especially if the hair is light or has been bleached (it then becomes porous and grabs onto the colour). You can help to remove the green tinge by using a cleansing shampoo such as Redken Hair Cleansing Crème ($24.95); simply apply to hair, wrap up in glad wrap and leave on for 15 minutes. Also remember to avoid swimming in heavily chlorinated pools when you have recently coloured your hair. — Belinda Jeffrey, Celebrity Colourist and Nice’n Easy Ambassador

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