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Which The Ordinary Products Should I Use?

A Beginner's Guide to The Ordinary Skin Care

The Ordinary has taken the skincare world by storm due to its very affordable prices and focus on ingredients. But as miraculous as the fancy science names sounds, getting a grip on what those ingredients do can be pretty confusing if you don't have a chemistry degree. Luckily, The Ordinary is so reasonably priced that it's easy to experiment, or even try a whole new regimen. One thing's for sure: you won't be waylaid by pretty packaging or exotic product descriptions. The people of Deciem believe that "skincare is not like fragrance or fashionable — it's functional, and it's not about telling stories."

To help you dive into the world of The Ordinary, we've compiled a rough guide to help find out which products suit each skin type, but you can customise if you think you need a mix-and-match approach. When trying new skincare products, particularly when acids are involved, it's often best to introduce just one or two new products at a time in conjunction with products you trust. By doing this, you can see which products work and which cause irritation.

This guide does not contain a step to cleansing your skin, so be sure to cleanse properly before applying these products. If you wear makeup regularly, double cleansing can be effective to ensure skin is prepped for treatments.

Image Source: Courtesy of Deciem
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