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Why Being Evironmentally-Friendly Could Make You a Bad Person

Why Being Eco-Friendly Could Make You a Bad Person

As it's Earth Month we've been busy bestowing the virtues of eco-chic upon you, but I feel it's my duty to point out that going green could actually make you not a very nice person. A recent study undertaken by the University of Toronto showed that when people bought US$25 worth of eco-friendly products, they were more likely to lie, cheat and steal than people who spent the same amount of money on non environmentally-friendly products. Why? Well it's down to The Green Halo Effect. Basically, when we purchase eco-friendly stuff, we get a bit too big for our boots and act all holier-than-thou, excusing ourselves for less-than-moral activities because we feel that we've earned the right by saving the planet. Are you guilty of The Green Halo Effect?

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