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Would You Use a Public Hair Straightener?

Bella Poll: Would You Use a Public Hair Straightener?

I think I've turned into a germ-a-phobe. It's nothing new — I've really never been all that good at sharing. But more and more recently, the idea of loaning beauty products freaks me out. I know there are some that you're never really meant to share — mascara and anything eye related, and lip products if you have a cold sore — but I'm talking about the things that it's feasible to share. Like say a $300 hair straightener. Back in my uni days five of us shared two. Made sense. We were all broke as a joke. But the idea of doing that now sends shivers down my spine. I look on in horror at those who use the "public" hair straighteners at the gym or in the bathrooms of a bar. Gross-a-rama. You wouldn't drink out of someone else's drink or use a stranger's lip gloss so why use a shared straightener? But now self-sterilising straighteners have hit the US, and while they've been in other countries for a while now, the US is able to turn anything into a trend. So I wanna know — would you/have you ever used a shared straightener?

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