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Zoe Foster Blake Shaved Her Face For the Logies

Zoë Foster Blake Shaved Her Face For the Logies

The Logies are guaranteed to be a big night for the Blakes. Hamish Blake is presenting and Jessica Marais, the star of The Wrong Girl, based on Zoë Foster Blake's book, is up for the Gold Logie.

As with any big event, prep starts early — and in an attempt to look your glowiest and bestest, you're often persuaded to try new things, which is definitely the case for Zoë in the lead up to Logies night. The writer, beauty expert and app-maker took to Instagram last week to talk us through her latest treatment — face shaving.

Zoë posted a snap of her gorgeous, makeup-free face and explained that she's been having regular Omnilux sessions with celeb skin expert Melanie Grant to combat pigmentation brought on by pregnancy (she and Hamish are expecting their second child), and added that she'd tried something else ahead of the Logies.

"This week I tried dermaplaning (professional face-shaving of the tiny fine face hairs with a single blade) for the first time," Zoë wrote on her post. "Dermaplaning (around $100) is exfoliating, brightening, skin-tone-evening, non-inflammatory (so: great for pigmentation sufferers) helps skin care penetrate better, and makes your skin freakishly smooth (because, um, it's hairless), meaning your makeup will sit PERFECTLY."

Being the ever-helpful lady she is, Zoë answered our biggest questions about the treatment before we even asked them: Will the hair will grow back coarser? "No. It will not change the number or texture of the hair follicles." Does it hurt? "No. Unlike treading, or waxing, or laser."

Her overall feeling? "Few days on and I'm a luminous, bright, fuzz-free, smooth-skinned slice of facey cherry pie, and I'm juuust modest enough to admit it. Plus, my makeup looks like incredible. Like it's in HD. Long may it continue! (Six weeks, apparently.) Or at least til next Sunday!"

It sounds pretty amazing, and judging by the picture Zoë just posted, it looks like it definitely works — she's glowing!

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