The Hydra-Dermabrasion Device That Gives You a Spa Experience At Home

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Ever tried hydra-dermabrasion? Unlike traditional microdermabrasion, which uses fine particles of aluminium oxide or sodium bicarbonate to slough away impurities, hydra-dermabrasion is far gentler and uses a small suction head to vacuum out pores while also injecting hydration into the skin, resulting in a plump and brightened complexion.

While hydra-dermabrasion is usually administered by beauty therapists, there is now a way you can safely and easily complete this treatment at home thanks to Aceology’s Hydra-Dermabrasion Facial Device ($349). According to Aceology, this beautician grade tool uses “vacuum pressure technology to suck out any dead skin cells or nasties from clogged pores, while also adding skin-loving active ingredients deep into the epidermis”.

I was lucky enough to test drive this new device and as someone who experiences quite a lot of blackheads across my nose, I was ridiculously keen to see how this baby works. The instructions to use this device are as follows: First, you begin by double cleansing your face to remove makeup. Then, I applied a face washer soaked with warm water to my face in order to open my pores so the device can get full access to the gunk inside (gross but also satisfying?).

To prep the machine, you fill the ‘Solution Bucket’ with Aceology’s COQ10 & Hyaluronic Acid Balancing Solution. Then, switch on the machine and test the suction with your hand. At first, I found the suction to be quite strong but after a few attempts, I got used to the feeling. Gently move the wand across your face, making sure to reapply the hot face washer when moving onto a new area.

When I first applied the wand to my face, it did feel like it was going to suck my skin off but, this feeling didn’t last long. I think it was a combination of getting used to the suction feeling and getting acquainted with moving the wand around my face. Once I got into a good rhythm with the movement, it wasn’t at all uncomfortable and the whole experience was quite therapetuic.

While sucking out dirt and grime from the pores, the device also uses pressure to push the COQ10 & Hyaluronic Acid Balancing Solution into the skin, which helps to plump and hydrate your complexion. The fluid is pushed out from the wand in a light spray and helps the wand glide easily over your face.

During the hydra-dermabrasion treatment, you’ll begin to see waste liquid accumulate in the ‘Waste Water Bucket’. This is basically all of the stuff that the Hydra-Dermabrasion Facial Device has removed from your skin and when you look closely, you can see particles floating in the liquid. It might sound unappealing but it is truly satisfying to see what the device has sucked from the skin.

After using the device, my skin was a little pink from the suction but looked more plump and hydrated. The blackheads on my nose and cheeks were much less noticeable, with many of the largest blackheads gone completely.

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