Adore Beauty Surveyed Its Shoppers About SPF Use and The Results Were *Very* Surprising

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Adore Beauty

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On the 10th of October, the Adore Beauty team launched their first in-house beauty brand AB LAB, following the success of a private label skincare line “Viviology” a collaboration with dermal therapist and skincare-guru-about-town James Vivian earlier this year.

While they’re just getting started, as leaders in the Australian beauty market it made sense to launch with the most important Aussie beauty product of all: sunscreen.

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Naturally, the team looked to 20 years of consumer data and their own network of avid skincare stans when figuring out just what consumers want from their perfect SPF.

However, after surveying 800 of their Adore Society members to create the “perfect” SPF, the team discovered something pretty shocking. Of 800 shoppers, only a third were using sunscreen.

Why Are Beauty Lovers Ditching Sunscreen?

Adore Beauty's AB LABS skincare line starts with sunscreen.
“Skinimalism” has been one of the biggest trends of 2022 with consumers looking to trim the fat on their beauty routines. Image credit: Adore Beauty

Remember, that’s people who are devoted enough to beauty to “opt-in” to Adore’s loyalty program. Chelsea Healey, Adore Beauty’s Head of Brand, said the results were pretty surprising.

Adore doesn’t have many beauty rules, SPF application is pretty much the only one. “Applying SPF is the non-negotiable step in our beauty routines,” says Chelsea Healey, Head of Brand at Adore Beauty.

“That’s because we know that if you aren’t wearing sunscreen, you might as well throw your expensive serums down the sink.” She adds, “and then, there’s the not-so-small risk of developing skin cancer.”

So, even though our IG and TikTok feed is full of influencers and journalists touting the benefits of SPF — why aren’t we using SPF? Very simply, most consumers don’t seem to have found their perfect fit.

“While a third of respondents said they don’t wear an SPF every day, 80% said they would use an SPF daily if it included a cosmeceutical [ingredient] that helped improve the condition of their skin,” Healey tells POPSUGAR Australia. Turns out Aussies still love a two-for-one.

Out of the survey, critical concerns were: hydration, pigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles.

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Furthermore, major trends like “skinimalism” have seen beauty lovers slashing their routines, looking for products that play nicely with their makeup and help them cut down on multi-step skincare regimens.

With that in mind, the Adore team set about formulating “skin screens” that addressed key skin concerns — while ticking vegan, cruelty-free and recycling-friendly boxes.

The AB LAB Sunscreens:

The launch contains two formulas: AB LAB, Dewy-C SPF50+ Facial Sun Milk ($40) and AB LAB, Barrier Boost Mineral Sun Cream ($40).

If you’re on the dry side, AB Lab, Dewy-C Facial Sun Milk has you covered (literally). Formulated to support radiance the sunscreen contains vitamin C to protect your face from free radical damage during the day. With a glossy, luminous finish it provides the perfect base for a “glass glow” — evening out dry spots.

Adore Beauty, AB LAB, Dew-C SPF50+ Facial Sun Milk ($40)
AB LAB, Dewy-C SPF50+ Facial Sun Milk ($40) Image credit: Adore Beauty

Barrier Boost is a lightweight mineral sunscreen. It contains skin-strengthening ceramides and anti-inflammatory, brightening niacinamide. With a demi-matte finish, it’s perfect for oily, acne prone and sensitive skin types.

Importantly, while the sunscreen won’t turn you into an oil slick, it also supports the skin’s moisture barrier, playing nicely with any decongesting actives you’re using in your nighttime routine.

Adore Beauty, AB LAB, Barrier Boost Mineral Sun Cream ($40).
AB LAB, Barrier Boost Mineral Sun Cream ($40) Image credit: Adore Beauty

You can also expect a third AB LAB sunscreen drop in 2023, with a sunscreen that “bridges the gap” between oily and dry skin types. In terms of other launches, Healey’s is staying mum. Although they are working on their next line, a category their consumers are, by the sound of it, potentially more passionate about.

“I can’t give too much away yet but let’s just say it’s another category we know our community are very passionate about, but we will be able to reveal more soon!”

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