We Asked Dermatologists What to Do Instead of Popping a Pimple – Here’s Their Advice

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The quest for perfect skin is not without its bumpy patches, so to speak. But no matter how many green juices we down in the pursuit of clear pores, there will always be missteps – like that big slice of pizza you couldn’t resist at the 2 p.m. staff meeting. General life stresses, hormones, or any combination of factors can lead to not just a breakout but a huge, glaring mess of a zit on your forehead. When we need a quick solution (emphasis on the “quick” part), we’re sometimes tempted to fuss with the blemish. Don’t do it! There are ways to get rid of a pimple without popping it. And we should know, because we tapped the experts for their opinions. So what other alternatives are there when you’re in a pinch? Keep scrolling to find out.

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