Olympic Rings Tattoos Are Everywhere at the 2021 Olympics in Tokyo

Getty / Lintao Zhang

The 2021 Tokyo Olympics are well underway, and athletes from all over the world are showing their pride with Olympic rings tattoos. Peaking out from all matters of uniforms, the design is a marking of countless hours of hard work in each athletes’ respective sport.

The five interconnected rings, which are depicted in colours of blue, black, red, yellow, and green, are inked across athletes in a variety of styles. Some tattoos feature all-black ink while others portray the colours in the classic form. Many of the 2021 Tokyo Olympians have ink to represent their last win in the Rio 2016 Summer Olympics. This includes Team USA gymnast Simone Biles, who got her first tattoo in 2017 after dominating the games.

Take a closer look at all of the Olympic tattoos that have popped up in the Tokyo games so far ahead.

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