Aveda’s Be Curly Range Changed My Curl Routine For the Better

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I’ll forever be cautious when it comes to curly hair care. I’ve tried a range of products and brands over the years, from high-end, expensive curl creams to £1 bottles of a leave-in spray I should have nowhere near my tresses, so I’d say I’m well versed in what works and what doesn’t work for my curls, as well as what I’d actually recommend to beginners.

Aveda has long been on my radar as a hair brand that champions holistic hair care, with gratifying results. I’ll never forget my first experience with their scalp treatment, recommended by my hairdresser for relieving an itchy scalp and providing a deep cleanse at-home, and I haven’t looked back since.

So, when I heard that Aveda would be relaunching their Be Curly range, I jumped at the opportunity to try all seven products (an incredibly generous range size, in comparison with its competitors). I used the products over a week to really see the results, how long they last and most importantly, how my second-day curls would come out, because products that can save time are products that easily get a win in my books.

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About Aveda’s Be Curly Range

  • The Aveda Be Curly Advanced range consists of seven products: a shampoo and conditioner, a co-wash, a curl enhancer cream, a curl defining gel, a curl perfecting primer and an intensive curl masque.
  • The Be Curly range is plant-powered and silicone free, and addresses the needs of all textured hair types: curls, coils and waves.
  • We’re told the products were clinically tested for frizz protection, hydration, strength, shine and definition.
  • How To Use Aveda’s Be Curly Range

    I used the Aveda Be Curly Advanced range to cleanse and style my hair, starting on wash day, with the Shampoo (£26) and Conditioner (£29). My initial thought was how great this duo smelt, getting the range off to a good start.

    Then, on damp hair, I styled my hair by prepping my curls with the Curl Perfecting Primer (£29) first, before following up with the Curl Enhancer Cream (£24) and then topped it off with the Coil Definer Gel (£24), applying small amounts to the ends of my hair in crunching motions.

    I was able to preserve my defined curls, making them last two and half days (a new record) before I started to notice a bit of frizz. On day three, I used the Co-Wash (£36) and Intensive Curl Perfecting Masque (£41) as a mini refresh.

    What I Liked About Aveda’s Be Curly Range

    Wash day can be long and tiresome, but thanks to the Be Curly Advanced Shampoo and Conditioner (£55), the time detangling my hair was significantly cut, indicating just how hydrating and moisturising the products were. I should add that a non-drying, deep-cleaning shampoo can be hard to come by, especially in the silicone-free department, but Aveda had that covered.

    I find curl styling therapeutic and when the products work, it makes the experience all the more calming. No flakes or white residue, just defined, soft curls. The Coil Definer Gel was a standout product for me. I’ve always had gel in my curl routine, so I’ve had my fair share of flaky, crunchy curls thanks to cheap, low quality formulas. But Aveda’s serves its purpose well, by defining and holding my curls while keeping them soft and smooth throughout the day.

    Admittedly, I’d usually skip a co-wash as they’ve never really worked for me, and I usually only use a hair mask once or twice a month, but I really liked how Aveda’s Co-Wash and Intensive Masque revitalised my curls just as they were starting to look dull, without having to do my entire wash day routine again.

    What To Consider About Aveda’s Be Curly Range

    I don’t think all seven products are necessary for regular use. While having the entire curl range looks great in my cabinet and the freedom of choice of which product to use next is a luxury, it’s one you don’t really need to fork out for. There’s no need to overcomplicate your routine, and sticking to the basics; the shampoo, conditioner, a curl cream and gel, is more than enough to achieve salon results.


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