What Is Bathscaping? How to Make Your Next Bath Pinterest Worthy

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If you’re ready to take your bathing habits to the next level, you’ve come to the right place. While filling a bath with water and whatever product you have at hand is already a lovely way to unwind, there’s a way to make the experience even more special: bathscaping.

You’ve probably seen it pop up on Instagram and Pinterest. It basically involves styling your bath and the area surrounding it to make it look and feel super luxurious. Squirting in a few drops of bubble bath isn’t what we’re talking about here.

Bathscaping involves going extra with accessories. While none of these things are actually needed to bathe yourself, they do make it all the more inviting to relax and unwind in the body of water. Bathscaping often includes adding candles and flowers (or plants) to the perimeter of the bath, popping on music, lighting a stick of incense and sinking into the bath with a cup of tea or glass of wine.

What to Add to Your Bathscape

The beauty of bathscaping is that you can pick and choose to include items as you see fit — the assignment here is to go as extra as you can, using accessories that feel special to you. For some, this might include crystals scattered around the bath, while others might prefer bunches of fresh eucalyptus. Here are a few accessory suggestions to add to your next bath.

  • Bath tray: Gone are the days of having to prop your belongings on the vanity or sides of the bath. Investing in a bath tray means you’ll be able to have a number of items available to you without having to move. Rest your glass of wine, book and a candle on your bath tray for ultimate vibes. There are a plethora of bath caddies on the internet, so you should be able to find one to suit your style and budget. The Sanctuary Natural Bath Caddy ($39.95) by Pillow Talk is particularly pretty.
  • Flowers or plants: You can’t have a bathscape without the presence of some sort of flora. Whether it’s plants stacked around the tub, a bunch of flowers resting on your bath tray or petals sprinkled into the bathwater, bathscaping is a big fan of adding a natural element.
  • Candles: Light a bunch of tealight candles around the bath, or place one big candle on your bath caddy. Whatever you decide, candles must be part of the experience — especially if you’re taking your bath at night. It can pose a little bit of an issue if you are trying to read by candlelight but see how you go with this.
  • Citrus: To add a little something fun to your bathwater, consider trying lemon slices. Taking a lemon bath can actually help energise your body and in some instances, has proven helpful with body odour. If, in the end, it proves to do nothing, it does look pretty.
  • Beauty products: To finish off your bathscape, add a few beauty products to the lineup. While clutter is not something we usually encourage, it seems that all of the bathscaping inspo photos are pretty cluttered with various beauty products. Consider adding in something luxe the Estée Lauder Youth-Dew Bath Oil ($60) or the Salt By Hendrix Rose Cleanse ($29.95) bath salts.
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