I Levelled-Up My Natural Brows With the World’s Thinnest Brow Pencil


My brows and I have been on a long journey together. They’ve survived my over-plucking phase in the late ’00s and an edgy slit created in the bathroom with my mum’s Venus razor in the early ’10s. Most recently, they endured my attempt at the “natural” look, where I leave them as long as possible without touching them until my lash technician whips out her tweezers and gives me a free touch up as she can’t bare to look at them all messy and overgrown.

My current makeup routine is pretty simple: a good foundation, a touch of glazed blush, a flick of eyeliner and heaps of lip balm. I have a habit of snoozing my alarm as long as possible so I sacrifice some steps in order to keep the entire process under ten minutes. Lucky enough for me, my brows have remained in good shape after everything I’ve put them through. However, I’ve recently started to notice my eyebrows thinning out in places, resulting in a less-than-ideal patchy look. I’ve tried my fair share of eyebrow pencils over the years but always found they give my brows a dark, textured look (think 2016 Kylie Jenner) rather than the wispy natural look I’m aiming for.

When I heard that Benefit Cosmetics had launched a new brow pencil designed to create fine, hair-like strokes, I wondered whether it could be the quick and easy answer to my problem. Keep reading for my full experience testing out the Precisely, My Brow Detailer – and my results.

About the Precisely, My Brow Detailer

  • The pencil has a 0.8mm tip, making it the smallest brow pencil product on the market.
  • It creates hair-like microfine lines.
  • It features a retractable tip to keep the delicate tip safe from breakage.
  • What I like about the Precisely, My Brow Detailer

    We’ve all heard the phrase “size doesn’t matter” but I’m going to have to disagree. Size does matter, especially when it comes to drawing the perfect hair-like stroke. The 0.8mm tip on this brow detailer is a game changer. The pencil is significantly smaller than other brow pencils I’ve used which immediately makes it easier to hold (especially as a leftie). The creamy texture glides on effortlessly and it only takes a few little strokes to fill in the thinner patches in my brows.

    There are only six shades of the Precisely, My Brow Detailer (£23) compared to the twelve shades of the Precisely, My Brow Pencil (£26) but there’s a specific reason for this. If you’re going for a natural look, not every strand of hair should be the same colour. The shades were created to give detail and definition across all types of brows. I used the shade 3.5 which is a neutral medium brown and paired it with the Precisely, My Brow Wax (£26) in 2.75.

    How To Use the Precisely, My Brow Detailer

    The Precisely, My Brow Detailer is double-ended. One end features the nano-tip while the other end features a classic spoolie. I twisted up the pencil tip until it was level with the protective tube. The tube is retractable, so when you’re applying it you’re getting just the right amount of pencil to create the finest lines.

    Using a gentle stroke, I drew a few thin lines in the direction of my natural hair growth until I was happy with the colour and depth. I then took the spoolie and brushed through my brows to create a blending effect.

    When I want my brows to have a slightly more laminated look, I add a layer of the Precisely, My Brow Wax in shade 2.75. This shade is slightly lighter and redder than the detailer, which helps to create that natural depth.

    Lastly, I add a light coat of clear brow gel. The 24 Hour Brow Setter (£26) helps my brows stay in place all day and all night.

    What to consider before trying the Precisely, My Brow Detailer

    If you prefer a sharp, bold brow, this might not be the right product to add into your routine. This thin pencil is perfect for creating fine lines and simple strokes, but I wouldn’t recommend using it to fill in your entire brow; instead, you should opt for a thicker pencil that will give you a deeper shaded effect for that particular look.

    Where is the Precisely, My Brow Detailer available?

    You can buy the Precisely, My Brow Detailer directly at Benefit Cosmetics or through online retailers including Boots, Sephora, and Cult Beauty.


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