I Tried Every Product in the Benefit Porefessional Range and These Are the Results

In October 2022, I was whisked to France by Benefit for a highly confidential launch. The brand wouldn’t reveal the exact details and we were sworn to secrecy. This isn’t unusual and throughout my career as a beauty editor I have been taken to various laboratories and factories to see the research and development behind a new range, but this was on a totally different scale. Fast forward 18 months and we now know this was to launch its Porefessional skincare range, which started with six key products and has now added a further two products, as well as an in-store Good Pore Day Facial service (£35) in all its Benefit Boutique stores. But the real question is are the products any good?

Benefit is owned by French company LVMH, who also own Dior, Fenty, Fresh, Ole Henriksen and Sephora to name a few. As one of the powerhouses in the beauty world, being able to see the journey a product takes from concept to shelf is quite something and as a lifelong Benefit fan it was even more exciting.

The Story Behind Benefit’s Porefessional Skincare Range

My relationship started with Benefit when I was 16 years old, long before I even knew what a beauty editor did or had any idea that this would end up as my career. I adored the quirky packaging, simplistic products and found the story of two sisters starting the brand after their stripper friend needed something to enhance the appearance of their nipples highly entertaining. It was the right amount of cheeky to make my teenage self engage and nearly 25 years later the story still makes me chuckle. I had saved all my Saturday job money to buy the much coveted Benetint, Erase Paste Concealer and Dr Feelgood (may it rest in beauty heaven) and treasured those products as if they were designer shoes.

Rewind 18 months again, and you can now picture my excitement as we walked through the double doors of the expansive LVMH laboratory to find out what the next big launch would be. As we excitedly took our seats in a room filled with bubbles it became clear – it was skincare. I have to admit this is not necessarily the sector that springs to mind when I think of Benefit, which I immediately identify with mascara or brow products, however I was ready to find out more.

We were given access to the research labs, the scientists and the clinical testing facilities. Benefit was adamant it could prove that it could leap back into skincare, was ready and it had the receipts. I watched case study after case study demonstrating the effects of the range, aimed solely on pores (not ingredient-led which is an interesting concept in the skincare world right now). Rather than focusing on ageing, dryness, oily or blemish prone skin, it had one job and one job only – to get rid of pores.

Image Source: POPSUGAR UK Photography/Lauren Ezekiel

“A lot of people think the only way to get rid of blocked pore is by torturing them,” Jared Bailey, an Aesthetician and Benefit’s Global Brow Expert tells PS UK. “Or use strips, but this is a terrible method and can cause a lot of damage. It takes a lot of training to do an extraction manually. We wanted to create products to clean out congestion without the punishment.”
As someone who hasn’t ever focused on their pores, always thinking about hydration and dullness, I found this quite interesting and wondered how this range could therefore replace some of my go-to products. “We aren’t looking to replace any of your favourites, or current skincare products, ” explains Maggie Ford, Chief Beauty Ambassador and daughter and niece of twin Jean and Jane Ford who founded Benefit in 1976 (side note: obsessed with the family ties). “You can incorporate the range with what you are using – this is all about slotting in to achieve your most beautiful skin,” she concludes.

So let me get this straight – this range can be used altogether or as a single product? “It’s not necessary to use all six to get best results,” says Bailey. “It’s about using the correct targeted products that will work for your concerns.” It doesn’t need 10 steps to achieve results and it’s only focussed on pores? Yes apparently so. If this is the case, it’s only right that I try every product in the Porefessional Range and let you know which ones you should be buying.


My Review of the Benefit Porefessional Range

Image Source: Benefit Uk

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