Benefit’s They’re Real Magnet Mascara Lengthens Lashes With Magnetic Force


It’s always a good time to try a new mascara. In fact, mascaras are one of my favourite products to test given how different each product is. Some mascaras focus on adding volume while others are concerned with curl and lash definition. Benefit’s They’re Real Magnet Mascara ($46) is all about lengthening those lashes. 

But, this isn’t any regular mascara. This newbie to the Benefit line uses magnetic force to draw your lashes out and makes them up to 40% longer. Seriously, the brush has a magnetically charged core, which when paired with the Magnetic Mineral Enriched Formula, pulls your lashes out to their longest possible length. Wild, right?

The consistency of the formula is lightweight and buildable and best of all? It doesn’t end up sitting under your eyes at the end of the day. In fact, after wearing this product every day for five days straight, I haven’t experienced any flaking or smudging and two swipes of mascara proved enough to lengthen my lashes.

The mascara wand is quite skinny, with a plastic comb head that has small teeth along it. The teeth are set out in a zig-zag pattern, so when you apply the product, you’re encouraged to use a gentle wiggle or zig-zag motion, which I tired, and it definitely does help coat your lashes from root to tip.

The construction of the tube is also designed to catch excess product, which means you don’t end up with blobs of mascara sitting on your lashes — a personal pet peeve of mine. Instead, the brush comes out relatively clean and disperses the perfect amount of product on the lashes. As the formula is buildable, you can also create a thicker, more voluminous look should you wish as well.

To celebrate the launch, Benefit has teamed up with actor, author and podcaster, Miranda Tapsell, who is also a devotee of the They’re Real Magnet Mascara. Tapsell wears this product “on a day off, when I am not working,” Tapsell told POPSUGAR Australia. “I keep my look very simple with sunscreen, lipgloss and mascara!”

As for how she finds the product itself, Tapsell loves how the They’re Real Magnet Mascara “makes my eyelashes look thick and long and makes me feel confident,” she said. “It’s my go-to when I need to pump myself up for the day.”

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