Need a Faux Glow? We Reveal the 10 Best Bronzing Drops For 2024

Getty Images / Jonathan Knowles

If there is one product I bet you’ve seen on your social media, but may be too scared to try it out in real life, it’s bronzing drops. With over 57 million posts on TikTok and billions of views, bronzing drops or liquid bronzer has been one of the stand out products of the last few years, with influencers and beauty experts all demonstrating how a few drops can transform your skin and trick anyone into thinking you’ve spent a few hours in St Tropez, instead of summering in the UK (which currently involves an umbrella, sweatshirt and the big light on).

For many of us facial SPF has become a staple in our skincare regime and the idea of letting our skin see the sun is not worth the fear of wrinkles or age spots. But, if like me, this doesn’t stop you longing for that natural-looking bronzed glow then it’s time to take note.

I’ve become a bonafide bronzing drop advocate and die hard fan over the last year or so and now I can’t imagine doing my makeup without them. I also tend to use bronzing drops on my no make-up days when I don’t want to apply a full face, but also prefer not to scare myself in the mirror.

This means I have tried lots of different products and types depending on the desired finish and type I want to use. Read on to find out why one of my favourites is under £10 and why this dupe may have you switching out your current favourite.

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