14 Celebrities Who’ll Inspire You to Keep Your Side Part, TikTok Be Damned

Getty / Matt Winkelmeyer

It’s been a tough month for side parts. For the last few weeks, millennials and Gen Zers on TikTok, Instagram, and Twitter have been at odds over whether or not the beloved parting style is still “in” or not. At some point, members of the younger generation decided that side parts are outdated and middle parts are the official symbol of cool. Needless to say, dozens of millennials have followed this information by either defending their style choice online or completely trying something new for curiosity’s sake.

All of this isn’t to say that you should completely change up your hairstyle and abandon side parts for good. (After all, we have a feeling this debate will be over sooner rather than later.) But in case the latest shade has gotten you down and you’re need of some inspiration to go on with your beloved side-part self, there are plenty of celebrities who likely won’t be parting ways (LOL) with the style anytime soon either.

Ahead, check out a few celebrities proudly wearing side parts.

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