The Two Skincare Products You Need for Beautiful, Glowing Summer Skin

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When the weather gets warmer it’s all about days at the beach, short sleeves and miniskirts, and, of course, fresh glowing skin, whether it’s your complexion or your limbs. 

Unfortunately, summer can also coincide with sweatiness and sun damage. Sweat bumps and bacne to sunburn, and hyperpigmentation are just some common ailments that make days at the beach a little less glamorous.

If you’re looking for a professional solution to issues like hyperpigmentation and acne, and even body hair, it’s a good idea to speak to a professional at your local skincare clinic. However, a simple, but effective at-home body and skincare routine via Clear Skincare, can also work wonders.

The Two Essential Products for Smooth, Glowing Skin

Below, we walk you through why exfoliation and sunscreen are key to great skin from top-to-toe, from the comfort of your own home.

1. Exfoliation

As skin cells regenerate every 28-30 days, they perform their own process of exfoliation.

During this time the cell will move from the deeper layers of the skin to the more superficial layers. This process slows as we age, and sometimes, because of complicating factors, dead skin cells, made of keratin, don’t shed completely. This keratin build-up is not ideal for a glowing or smooth look. It makes skin look dull and flakey, and keratin buildup can clog your pores, leading to breakouts on your face and your bod.

Even worse? A build-up of dead skin cells can stop your serums, creams and body lotions from working as effectively. Not chic. 

Frequent and long-term exfoliation whisks dead skin cells away and has been proven to boost collagen production, essentially, it’s a glow-giver. Collagen, which is the most abundant protein in the human body, connects tissues and is key to maintaining skin elasticity and preventing sagging and wrinkles associated with the pesky ageing process. In fact, the dermis or outer layer of your skin is 75 per cent collagen!

There are several different ways you can exfoliate. These are generally split into two types: chemical exfoliation and physical exfoliation. 

Chemical Exfoliation:

Clear Skincare, Lactic Acid Serum ($45).
Clear Skincare, Lactic Acid Serum ($45) Image credit: Clear Skincare

Chemical exfoliation involves the application of acids to the skin. While that might sound scary, they’re common ingredients in skin care products and a gentle and effective way to whisk away dead skin cells. Acids are broken down into three groups: alpha hydroxy acids (AHA) beta hydroxy acids (BHA) and polyhydroxy acids (PHA). If you want to dabble in chemical exfoliants, start with a more gentle compound like Lactic acid, we love Clear Skincare, Lactic Acid Serum ($45).

Physical Exfoliation

Clear Skincare, Body Buffing Bar with Microcrystals, ($32)
Clear Skincare, Body Buffing Bar with Microcrystals, ($32) Image credit: Clear Skincare

Manual exfoliation involves physically “polishing” the skin to buff away dead skin cells. Because manual exfoliation is a little more powerful, it’s great for buffing that dead skin off your body. Regular exfoliation can minimise ingrown hairs, reduce the experience of keratosis pilaris you may have noticed on your upper arms during summer, and decongest any troubling bacne.

It also creates a smooth even base for fake tan. Using a well-formulated scrub is important. Overly drying products can damage your skin barrier, and dry out your skin. Look for a well-balanced formula, like the Clear Skincare, Body Buffing Bar with Microcrystals, ($32). This formula physically exfoliates with micro-crystals, while hydrating with soothing aloe vera and glycerin.

Now that you’re buffed and polished, we’ll take you to the next step: sunscreen. 

2. Sunscreen

Best Clear Skincare Products Summer: Clear Skincare, Oil Free SPF 30+ ($35)
Image credit: Clear Skincare

Sunscreen and sun protection are the most critical components of any skincare routine. We should practice sun safety year-round, top to toe. Sunscreen is your best defence against wrinkles and hyperpigmentation, but it’s also protective against more serious health issues like cancer. 

Despite their importance, sunscreens have historically been a bit of an unpopular category as they were often sticky and greasy. Fortunately, in 2022 there are plenty of affordable, cosmetically elegant and effective options on the market. We particularly like the Clear Skincare, Oil Free SPF 30+ ($35) as it’s lightweight, affordable and appropriate for most skin types, including acne-prone skin.

Then, there is Clear Skincare’s S50, Antioxidant Sunscreen SPF50+ ($36), a great option for dry and normal skin types who want a little extra moisture with their sun protection. Launching late October S50, Antioxidant Sunscreen contains ingredients you’d usually find in a traditional moisturiser. Antioxidants like vitamin E, phenolic acid, and vitamin C derived from Kakadu Plum, provide protection from free radicals. All these goodies provide additional anti-ageing protection and skin brightening benefits.

With every skin type covered, you’ll have no reason to skip out on sunscreen this Summer.

Disclaimer: Always read the label. Follow the directions for use. Sunscreens are only one part of sun protection. Prolonged high-risk sun exposure should be avoided. Frequent re-application or use in accordance with directions is required for effective sun protection

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