The Best and Most Inspiring Drag Makeup Moments From Film and TV

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There has always been drag. Even before RuPaul’s Drag Race, we’ve seen drag portrayed in many different ways through film and television.

Drag is a form of expression, it’s an art form, a lifestyle. Drag is like a superpower. Because drag takes so much of it’s reference from pop culture, politics, fashion and history, different concepts will strike different chords with different audiences and that’s why we love it; everyone’s invited.

Whether the freedom of expression shown through drag allows people to feel more comfortable exploring gender, or whether it’s just a great reminder than adults can play dress-ups too, drag is an undeniable joy to consume.

Sometimes more is more, sometimes less is more and sometimes (my favourite times) you don’t know how something works, but it just does. For me, drag is the ultimate freedom, a big f**k you to gender stereotypes and a loud way to continue moving towards a world that accepts us for all of our layers.

Here are some of our favourite drag transformations in film and television:

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