I’m a Face Mist Convert and These Are the Ones I Always Keep Close By

Caudalie / Jurlique

I never had much affection for face mists until a few years ago, mostly because I didn’t see the value in them. A makeup setting spray? Sure! But a water-based face mist? Not for me. That was until a friend introduced me to Jurlique’s Rosewater Balancing Mist and soon after, I was hooked. Just a few years later and I’m a full face mist convert. I have multiple in my bedroom as well as ones scattered across my various handbags and at my desk at work — basically, I’ve made sure that I can access a face mist whenever I need to.

So, why am I now completely committed to face mists? Well, a number of reasons. First of all, a quick mist instantly freshens and revives my makeup. I have dry skin and a quick spritz of a face mist helps to refresh any makeup that is looking dull or cakey in a literal instant. During winter especially, I find face mists provide a much-needed burst of hydration and moisture, which is particularly helpful in the office environment where my skin is at its driest.

These products are also handy when it comes to skincare application. Misting your face between cleansing and serum application helps to dampen the skin, and in turn, allows for better absorption of the products. And, in most cases, you end up using less product as your skin is already quite moist.

I’ve rounded up some of my favourite face mists below — I have all of these in constant rotation and continue to repurchase them when they are empty. If you’re new to the hydrating world of face mists, welcome. It’s good to have you.

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