Beauty Editors Tried the Best Fake Tans – These Are the Ones That Left Us Glowing

When it comes to fake tan, there really are two types of people: Those who are committed to weekly tanning sessions which involve a strict exfoliating and moisturising routine, and others who are nervous to even pick up a bottle of the stuff in fear of dreaded orange streaks and unpleasant smells. But fake tan has come a long way in the past few years; formulas are foolproof, smells less biscuit-y, and shades that cater to all.

But it can be a difficult beauty product to navigate since there is so much to consider. You’ve got to decide what consistency you want (mousse, drops, water), the shade you’re after, the development time (anywhere from instant results to 8 hours), and how it wears (does it transfer to bedsheets? Does it wear-off in dry patches?). Like we said, there are a lot of factors of self-tan to consider. It can be a long and expensive endeavour, which is where we come in to give you our honest reviews.

As beauty editors, we’ve tried pretty much every fake tan out there. To help make your choice a little easier, we reviewed some of the best self-tanners around. We broke each product down into highlights, downsides, our results, and our overall star rating. So, whether you’re looking for gradual tanning drops that can be easily added to your moisturiser for a subtle glow, or want to bring out the big guns and commit to six hour development time for a deep faux tan, we’ve found the perfect one.

Welcome to the ultimate fake tan guide.

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