The Most Flattering Hair Colours For Green Eyes, According to Experts

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If you’re considering trying out a new hair colour but not sure exactly what look you want to go for, it may be helpful to look at your eye colour. In addition to skin tone, professional hairstylists assess their clients’ eyes when recommending a new shade. Meaning, without even realising it, your green eyes are pointing you in the direction of the best, most flattering hair colours for you.

It all comes down to basic colour theory – certain hues complement each other better than others. “Hair colour can really make green eyes pop,” Shvonne Perkins, manager of training at Madison Reed, tells POPSUGAR. While blue eyes can rock pretty much any shade of blond and brown hair, brown eyes are so universal that the options are limitless. Green eyes, on the other hand, look best when paired with warm tones. Copper and gold tones specifically bring out “the nuanced other tones in the green so beautifully,” Perkins says. Because if you take a good look at your green eyes, chances are they have flecks of gold, copper, and yellow tones in there.

The Best Hair Colours For Green Eyes

When thinking of copper and gold-toned hair colors, you have more options than you may realise. “This doesn’t mean you have to have a full head of strawberry-blond or copper hair,” Perkins says. “Soft dimensional hues of these tones can be added using all different shades of tinted glosses.” Popular colours include honey blond, amber, caramel brown, and golden brown. Just picture some of the most famous green-eyed celebrities: Sarah Hyland, Lucy Hale, Rihanna, Emma Stone, Angelina Jolie, Elizabeth Olsen, and Amanda Seyfried, to name a few.

If you’re still having trouble determining whether your new hair color will play up your green eyes, Perkins recommends you look at the colours you naturally gravitate to in other areas of beauty. “Take notice of what you like and don’t like when it comes to makeup shades, especially eyeshadows, and follow that same palette in your hair colour,” she says.

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