The Best Layers For Your Face Shape, According to a Hairstylist

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  • Finding the most flattering layers for your face shape is easier than you might think.
  • Layers are a great way to add movement and body to your hair.
  • Whether your face is oval, heart, square, long, or round, you’ll find the best type of layers for you.

Getting bangs is a commitment, as is chopping your hair off or dyeing it a new colour. But if you want to change up your look without doing anything too drastic, layers are the way to go. Want to add (or remove) volume? Layers. Wish your hair had more movement? Layers. Tired of your hair lying flat against your head and wearing you (as opposed to you wearing it)? You guessed it: layers.

Unless you only get one-length cuts, chances are you’ve probably had layers before. Most haircuts feature them – even if they’re super long and blended – and hairstylists will often incorporate them into a hairstyle naturally when they’re giving you a trim or adding shape to your new look. Recent hair trends like the shag and bixie rely heavily on layers to give the cuts their signature look, and while layers are pretty universally flattering, there is a science to finding the best layers for you. It has to do with your face shape.

“Layers have exceptional power to change the silhouette of the haircut and can therefore be extremely versatile when creating custom shapes,” Tom Smith, celebrity hairstylist and Evo Hair’s international color creative director, tells POPSUGAR. “Layering as a technique is a fundamental element of hair cutting and can be adjusted to create limitless styles.”

If you have a hair appointment coming up on the calendar, consider the following tips from a hairstylist to help you find the right layered haircut for your face shape.

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