Hailey Bieber Swears By Using a Toner: Here Are 7 That Will Convert You

Hailey Beiber is a toner advocate
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Just a few days ago, Hailey Bieber made waves on TikTok with a video of her post-flight skincare routine, which is all about toner.

Hailey Bieber arguably has the best skin in showbiz, so we’re inclined to take her skincare tips as gospel, but toner is actually a pretty controversial skincare step.

Toner, along with eye cream, appears constantly on “what not to waste your money on” lists. While I’ll withhold a verdict on eye creams (for now) I stand with Ms Bieber in telling you toner is a step you should absolutely be adding to your routine.


a quick hydration refresh + reset after flying ✈️✨ stay dewy friends 🤍

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Why Do Toners Have a Bad Rep?

Toners have been around for hundreds of years. Back in the day, cleansing your face was not a luxurious experience. You basically had two options: lye-based soap that stripped the skin as it removed grime, or a cold-cream cleanser which could leave the skin feeling very oily. Then, rosewater or normal water with essential oils and alcohol were used to leave the skin feeling fresh and revitalised, because cleansers just didn’t work very well.

As cleansers got a little better, toner became a step for very oily or acne-prone skin types. They remained high in alcohol, and gave users a tight, totally dry feeling they associated with feeling “clean”.

The general perception of toners, though, was that they were either a) water or b) alcohol and bad for your skin.

Now, cleansers and acne treatment are a whole lot more sophisticated, and toners have developed in step. They’re optimised for different skin types, and provide so many skincare ingredients that many users opt to skip serums.

I’ve rounded up the best according to your skin needs here:

Thayers, Rosepetal Alcohol-Free Toner With Witch Hazel and Aloe Vera

Best toners: Thayers Rose Petal Alcohol Free Facial Toner ($11)
Image credit: Thayers

Thayers Alcohol-Free Toner With Witch Hazel, Aloe Vera and Rosewater ($11) toner has been on the market for 170 years – and there’s a reason it’s the #1 toner in the US.

Affordability and a great formulation go a long way. With gently astringent organic witch hazel and soothing and calming aloe vera, this water toner leaves your skin feeling calm and replenished.

Laneige, Cream Skin Toner & Moisturizer

Bst toners: Laneige Cream Skin Toner & Moisturiser ($41)
Image credit: Laneige

This milky, emollient lotion from Laneige is perfect for very dry, sensitised skin types — or those who want a super lightweight moisturiser.

Cream Skin Toner & Moisturiser ($41) is milky water lotion packed with skin supportive oils like meadowfoam and white tea leaf that will leave your complexion milk-maid fresh.

Rich in antioxidants, the velvety hydrator soaks right in, leaving it perfectly prepped for your next step.

SK-II, Facial Treatment Essence

Best toners: SK-II Facial Treatment Essence ($109)
Image credit: SK-II

In the 1970s it was noted that the hands of sake brewers were incredibly smooth, and free of the pigmentation associated with age. Scientists studied over 350 strains of yeast before discovering the responsible byproduct: Pitera.

In scientific trials, it was found to reduce dark spots, increase hydration and prevent wrinkles. So, SK-II developed the Facial Treatment Essence, ($109) a hyper-concentrated 90% Pitera toner.

Forty years on, SK-II has never needed to change the formula of their best-selling essence — don’t fix what’s not broken!

Powerfully anti-ageing, the essence addresses every skincare concern you could think of, from acne and dark spots to dehydration and the first signs of ageing by stimulating collagen production.

Want to try SK-II? Well now is your chance! Adore Beauty is currently offering 15% off SK-II for 48 hours only. Plus, receive a 3-piece gift valued at $90 when you spend $330 or more on SK-II.

Gallinée, Face Vinegar

Gallinee, Face Vinegar, ($47)
Image credit: Mecca

I wrote about the Gallinée, Face Vinegar ($47) back in April – a sophisticated take on the DIY Apple Cider Vinegar trend.

Gallinée’s face vinegar douses skin in pre and probiotics as well as acetic acid, an ingredient that kills acne-causing bacteria and regulates sebum production. Hydrating, soothing and sebum regulating, this is an all-in-one.

Fresh, Rosewater Deep Hydration Toner

Fresh, Rosewater Face Toner ($69)
Image credit: Fresh

Rosewater was one of the original toners, and Fresh’s Rose Deep Hydration Facial Toner ($69) is a classic.

Infused with naturally Vitamin C-rich rosewater and hyaluronic acid, it’s perfect for dehydrated skin types needing more luminosity.

Viviology, Liquid Exfoliant ($45)

Best toners: Viviology, Liquid Exfoliant ($45)
Image credit: Viviology

Toners can be a great way to work a gentle exfoliation into your skincare routine, and the new Australian brand Viviology has brought an exciting contender to the table.

The Viviology, Liquid Exfoliant ($45) uses Lactic acid, an AHA that’s gentle enough for frequent use, along with niacinamide and bladderwrack extract (derived from seaweed and rich in vitamins A, C and E), as well as sweet cherry fruit extract.

A brightening, pore-refining option for those dealing with texture and pigmentation.

Paula’s Choice, Skin Perfecting 2% BHA Liquid Exfoliant

Best toners: Paula's Choice, Skin Perfecting, 2% BHA Gel Exfoliant ($44)
Image credit: Paula’s Choice

For congested pores, you want salicylic acid and Paula’s Choice, Skin Perfecting 2% BHA Liquid Exfoliant ($42) contains the highest percentage of salicylic acid available.

Salicylic acid is the only acid that cleanses within the pores, but it’s also great for post-inflammatory pigmentation. There are plenty of salicylic acids on the market, but Paula’s Choice Skin Perfecting 2% Liquid Exfoliant  is dermatologically approved and has won multiple awards.

It’s also a fantastic option for the treatment of post-inflammatory pigmentation and sun spots.

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