So Billie Eilish's Green Mullet Was Actually the Result of a Dye Job Gone Wrong

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Billie Eilish is one of several celebrities who’ve made the mullet haircut look cool again in the last year, but a recent series of Instagram Stories from the singer suggests that her decision to wear the style was actually an accident.

The “Therefore I Am” singer participated in the viral “post a photo of” challenge that’s been taking place on Instagram this past week in which users share often-never-before-seen photos and videos to their Stories that correspond with topics suggested by their followers. When one fan asked Eilish to post a photo of “the most f*cked your hairs been,” she responded to the request with a video of herself examining the hair on the top part of her head, explaining that the hair in that area had actually started to break off after she made an attempt to dye it at home.

“Don’t trust just anyone who says they’re good with color my hair continued to all out in chunks for the next two months after this,” she captioned it. Eilish first debuted the cut in November 2019 at the LACMA Art + Film Gala. In the next slide next to a photo of the haircut, she explained that even though we all basically just assumed she’d dyed her roots neon green and purposely cut her hair into a mullet – it is making a huge comeback, you know – her hair actually just . . . ended up that way because of all the breakage.

“These pieces were just all the hair that got burnt off that had grown back,” she wrote. “While everyone thought i got a mullet.” Eilish also recalled this story to TMZ last year, revealing that the haircut was unintentional when a reporter caught up with her after the gala. “Mullet?” she asked the reporter, “What do you mean mullet? You know what happened, somebody dyed my hair and they burned half of it off. It’s not on purpose though. I’m growing that sh*t out.”

Welp, we’ll let that be a lesson that there’s probably an important story behind every major hair change. Eilish’s hair has grown out since then, but we’d be lying if we said she didn’t wear the style extremely well. Check out her accidental haircut from every angle ahead.

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