The New Brow and Lash Oil We’re Using For Bold, Beautiful Eyebrows

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When it comes to eyelashes and eyebrows, bigger is most definitely better (in our humble opinion!). We’re all about long, luscious lashes and bold, bushy brows. Unfortunately, many of us aren’t born blessed with these qualities in our eyelashes and eyebrows so we need a little help to achieve this look.

A little mascara and brow gel do a pretty good job at enhancing what you’ve already got but there is another way to encourage growth in this area. Say hello to the new BodyBlendz Lash & Brow Oil ($31.99) — a serum created to minimise damage and hair fall to your lashes and brows, while also encouraging new hair growth.

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The Lash & Brow Oil is formulated with blue cypress oil, sunflower oil, naturally-derived panthenol (a form of vitamin B5), aloe vera, and rose floral water, making it super gentle on sensitive eyes, while the addition of green coffee seed and rosemary extracts provide rich antioxidants that encourage thicker and longer hair.

In fact, the coffee seed extract is said to stimulate hair follicles, triggering stronger growth in your lashes and brows, while also strengthening the hair from within. When the coffee seed extract is applied, it is absorbed by the hair follicles and makes them softer and shinier.

Not only is the formula perfect for those with sensitive eyes and skin, it’s also vegan, cruelty-free and paraben-free. The Lash & Brow Oil by BodyBlendz comes in a handy rollerball bottle so you can apply it directly onto your dry lashes or brow line. Wait two minutes before applying makeup on top of the oil. Use once or twice daily for a period of 28 days for maximum results.

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