Bondi Sands Has Ventured into the Skincare World, With 12 Products Under $25

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You’ve probably got a self-tanning product from Bondi Sands sitting in your bathroom cabinet right now and now, you can add Bondi Sands skincare to the lineup. In some very exciting news, the beloved Australian brand has ventured into the world of skincare with a range of 12 products.

The line of products, called Everyday Skincare, is formulated with Australian botanicals as well as science-backed ingredients to create products that are simple to use but extremely effective. The addition of active ingredients means you can simply your skincare routine and still see results from these products.

Everyday Skincare includes five important steps — cleanse, treat, hydrate, protect and mask. The cleansing step includes two products, the Fresh’n Up Nourishing Gel Cleanser ($14.95) and the Buff n’ Polish ($17.95), a gentle chemical exfoliant that purifies and smooths skin.

Moving on to treat and there are five serums to choose from, depending on your individual concerns including hydration, pigmentation or fine lines. The Gold’n Hour ($17.95) vitamin C brightening serum and the Begin Again ($17.95) serum that targets pigmentation and uneven skin tone look particularly interesting.

The next step is hydrate, which includes three products — Daydream ($16.95), a hydrating whipped moisturiser, Sweet Dreams ($18.95), a night cream design to plump the skin and provide 72 hours of hydration and Eye Spy ($17.95), a vitamin C eye cream that brightens under eyes.

Bondi Sands is adding another SPF product to its already impressive lineup with the release of Sunny Daze ($22.95). This hydrating SPF 50 moisturiser provides a hit of hydration to the skin while also protecting against UVA and UVB rays. Rounding out the collection is Bondi Babe ($19.95) — a creamy blue clay mask that is designed to detoxify the skin while also helping to tighten and soothe the skin.

What we love about the Everyday Skincare range is just how straightforward it is — all of the products are easy to use and there’s no confusing language around how or when to use them. The price is also a major winner, with the highest-priced product coming in at $22.95. Creating a skincare regime using this line would be extremely budget-friendly compared to other brands.

And finally, we have to give props to Bondi Sands for the bright and fun packaging of the Everyday Skincare line. The use of bold colours makes the whole experience all the more whimsical and these babies would look pretty damn cute sitting in your bathroom.

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