Why Bruna Marquezine Doesn’t Follow TikTok Beauty Trends

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Unlike many of us who are unfortunately chronically online, Bruna Marquezine doesn’t get her beauty inspiration from TikTok. Instead, the Brazilian actor and new YSL Beauty ambassador finds it in real life. “I have the honor and privilege to work with amazing makeup artists, and I feel most of my inspiration comes from them and their work,” she tells POPSUGAR. “All the Brazilian makeup artists that I work with, they’ve been so important in my life and in my journey.” (For anyone wondering, her go-to is Henrique Martins.)

It’s a fresh – and welcomed – take to hear, especially if you’re feeling the fatigue from the mob wife aesthetic and whatever-core aesthetic is trending at any given time. Add that to being a lifelong fan of the storied beauty brand, and Marquezine becoming a YSL ambassador was just a natural fit.

“I’ve been wearing YSL Beauty my whole life, as long as I can remember,” she says. “They have so many iconic products that I [used to beg] my mom to buy. So to be a partner, to be a part of the family is really a dream come true. It’s really important for me to work with brands that I can really relate [to and] that I really believe in, so this is really special.”

The “Blue Beetle” star, who has been acting since she was 5, has also had makeup play a vital role in her professional life. It’s where she learned just how impactful a beauty look can truly be. “I grew up watching other actresses getting ready, and I was always fascinated by beauty. It’s a really important [part] when you’re creating a character,” she says. “I was always fascinated by the power of it.”

Through her work and watching her own mother’s makeup routine, she learned to use beauty products as a tool to highlight the best parts of herself. “My mom always went for the super natural looks; it wasn’t about the products she was using or how much makeup she was using, but it was how she was [using makeup],” Marquezine says. “It was so honest to who she is and it was just highlighting her best features, personality, and essence.”

But Marquezine’s mom, whom she calls her real-life superhero, did a lot more than just shape her views on beauty. Marquezine credits her for shaping the person she is today. “My mom learned how to drive just to take me to the auditions,” she says. “The first TV commercial I did, the director invited my mom and my dad to watch the whole thing. And he was like, ‘If you think this is a future [for her], if you like this for your kid, you should invest time in it because she really enjoys it and she’s good at it.’ And she did.”

Marquezine’s first duty as a YSL ambassador is starring in a campaign for the iconic Candy Glaze Lip Gloss Stick ($42). The buildable sheer lip tint has amassed a cult following – herself included. “It feels really nice; that’s a big thing for me,” she says. “It’s not heavy on the lips and it looks gorgeous. It’s so beautiful and you can go from super natural or you can wear it to go out. You can mix it and wear [it] with your favorite lipstick, and it looks great.”

As for the best piece of beauty advice she’s ever received? Well, to put it simply: do less. “One of my greatest friends, who is also a makeup artist, told me to stop wearing [fake lashes] too many times,” she says. “I can only think of his voice saying, ‘Stop wearing big lashes. Just curl your lashes and you’ll be fine.”

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