Can You Use Baby Wipes on Adult Skin?

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If you have a baby or small child, chances are you have used baby wipes for a number of things including during nappy changes, to wipe their faces of food and to clean mucky hands. But, have you used them on yourself? It might have happened, given how handy these wipes are.

According to Canstar Blue, baby wipes are largely made up of water. Roughly 90 percent of the solution that makes wipes moist comes from water, while a handful of other ingredients — mainly preservatives — are included in the mix.

The most common preservatives included in the wipes are phenoxyethanol, a preservative that kills bacteria, sorbates like sorbic acids (another preservative) and parabens, a preservative that has antibacterial and anti-fungal properties. Glycerin is also a common ingredient used as it helps make products smooth, making the wipes feel more comfortable when used on a baby’s bum.

So, are baby wipes safe for adults to use? The simple answer is yes! If you’re using them on your kids, they are also fine to use on yourself. And, given the large water content within wipes and the fact they are designed to be used on ultra-soft, sensitive baby skin, it’s unlikely they’ll cause you any irritation.

But, it might pay to look at how you’re using them. Is it to remove makeup? If this is the case, consider swapping to something like the Face Halo, which removes makeup with a little water and saves the need for single-use wipes to be used. If you’re using baby wipes to remove makeup every day, it’s time to invest in a more thorough routine that could contain the Face Halo or a face wash. If you’re removing your makeup with these wipes every now and then, this should be fine.

If you’re using baby wipes in the bathroom, this is also totally safe but be careful when using scented wipes in this area, as they could irritate sensitive skin. Otherwise, there are a plethora of feminine hygiene wipes on the market should you prefer to use those instead. Remember that these wipes cannot be flushed down the toilet and must be disposed of in the bin — whatever the package might say on it, single-use wipes like these aren’t flushable.

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