Cardi B’s “Rich Girl Nails” Feel Fitting For Mother’s Day

Getty/ANGELA WEISS / Contributor

Image Source: Getty/ANGELA WEISS / Contributor
When it comes to the “rich girl” lifestyle, Cardi B embodies the epithet – all the way down to her nails. On May 14, the rapper posted a picture of a few gifts she got for Mother’s Day with her trendy manicure on full display, and the look felt appropriate to the occasion, to say the least.

Though not short by any means, Cardi B’s nails were filed into a medium-rounded oval, departing from her typical extra-long stiletto shape. As is tradition with the “rich-girl” trend, they were also painted a pinky-beige color – the perfect neutral to pop against the backdrop of a Chanel bag (or two). No charms or additional decals were added to the manicure, allowing the rapper to accessorize with a beautiful gold ring and a matching bracelet.

“Rich girl” nails is a term coined by Tom Bachik, who first created the look on one of his go-to clients, Jennifer Lopez. The trend is a combination of beige and supermodel nails, two neutral looks that continue to stand the test of time, so it only makes sense that the mash-up of the two has fast become a Hollywood favorite as well. “Rich girl” nails have been spotted on Jenna Ortega, Angela Basset, and Becky G. The look makes for the perfect base for additional nail art like french tips, crystals, and more adding yet another point to their versatility score.

For some more manicure inspiration, take a closer look at Cardi B’s “rich girl” nails ahead.

Image Source: Instagram user @iamcardib

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