Is Your Scalp Feeling Itchy? Here’s What Might Be Causing It, According to an Expert

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From dry skin to flakes, having an itchy scalp is one of the most irritating skin problems to experience. While it may seem to come out of nowhere, itchiness often pops up during the winter months. Just like the skin on your face or body, your scalp is susceptible to dryness.

It’s extremely tempting to try to solve the problem of a dry scalp on your own with the latest shampoos, scrubs, and oils, but it’s important to find out why your head might be itchy in the first place.

“All abnormal scalp conditions can be one or a combination of these factors: genetics, lifestyle, diet, hairstyling habits, environmental, health, stress, hormones, and medications,” certified trichologist Bridgette Hill told POPSUGAR.

Keep reading to learn about the most common causes of a dry, itchy scalp.

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