This Cécred Hair Oil is Worth the £7 UK Shipping Fee

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When I first heard the news that Queen Beyoncé was releasing a haircare line called Cécred, I genuinely couldn’t stop thinking about it. Beyoncé’s always been a huge influence in my life as an artist but I’ve also been inspired by her fashion and beauty evolution. Like the singer, I’m someone who uses a lot of protective styles to get me through the year from wigs to weaves, and braids. So, seeing that she was releasing a hair line that would cater to all these styles, alongside her mother Tina Knowles, it all made so much sense.

As Black women, hair is very much a multi-generational activity. If I think back to the amount of hours I’ve spent with my mum and grandma plaiting, detangling and blowdrying my 4b hair from childhood, I couldn’t even add it all up. Even now at 26 years old, my mum will often ask if I need help with my hair. To Black women, it’s a love language.

It’s also not often that we get these luxury celebrity-led haircare launches catered towards Black women in this country. The last one I can remember is Tracee Ellis Ross’ Pattern Beauty in 2022. Of course, we have UK hairdressing pioneers like Charlotte Mensah, but from a celebrity stand-point it’s often very rare. So, of course I was overjoyed to hear that the products could be shipped to the UK.

However, Cécred is only available from the US website, which for us UK girls means we have some pricey shipping fees. I know what you’re thinking, but Cécred is definitely worth the shipping costs to the UK. And whilst the whole collection is wonderful, there is one product in particular that stands out to me. Enter Cécred’s Nourishing Hair Oil (£43).

How Long is Cécred’s UK shipping?

Cécred’s products take five to seven business days to ship to the UK, which I think is quite reasonable for US to UK shipping.

How Much is Cécred’s UK shipping costs?

If you want to get your hands on Cécred products in the UK, shipping costs starts from £7.

About Cécred’s Nourishing Hair Oil

  • It targets dry, dull, medium to thick hair seeking manageability and shine.
  • The Nourishing Hair Oil is grounded in Cécred’s signature African oil blend: infused with 13 luscious oils, including sea buckthorn, baobab, moringa, black seed, castor, sunflower seed, watermelon seed, olive, sweet almond, flaxseed, golden jojoba, argan, and coconut.
  • Free of silicone, SLS/SLES, phthalates, and parabens.
  • The fragrance is Temple Oud and has notes of oud, Australian sandalwood, warm musk, night-blooming jasmine, Haitian vetiver, and violet leaves.
  • What I Liked About Cécred’s Nourishing Hair Oil

    After applying the oil, the smell of the Temple Oud almost engulfed my senses – it smells divine. It’s a rich scent that actually made me feel more confident walking out the door. Smell good, feel good is definitely true when it comes to Cécred. Wherever I go I get compliments about smelling nice and whilst my perfume is great, I know it’s that Cécred scent that is standing out as I can smell it with each swish of my hair.

    Image Source: Aaliyah Harry

    As you can see in the before and after images, Cécred’s Nourishing Hair Oil took my leave out weave from dull to moisturised. My natural hair also had an extra shine and blended seamlessly. The hair oil overall restored softness to my hair instantly. It also reduced frizz and prolonged the style of my hair. My hair really felt nourished. I’m also someone that also suffers from a dry scalp, so before getting my hair done I applied the oil to my freshly braided cornrows and they also felt nourished. This is a multi-use product so is absolutely worth the money. I’ve even seen men online rave about how the product has transformed their beards. It’s inclusive for all.

    Image Source: Aaliyah Harry

    Cécred’s Nourishing Hair Oil is also lightweight which I enjoy. Sometimes with thick oils, application of the product can get messy, but this oil’s consistency is perfect and doesn’t leave your hair feeling greasy or heavy.

    What To Consider About Cécred’s Nourishing Hair Oil

    Whilst the intricate design of the bottle is stunning, I would have liked a better applicator for the hair oil. I think users would benefit from a pipette applicator. If you’re looking to use the oil for oiling your scalp or to bring some shine and moisture to styles such as twists or braids, it’s worth noting that the application will be done by hand so might not always go on as accurately as you would like.

    Image Source: Aaliyah Harry

    Where is Cécred’s Nourishing Hair Oil available?

    You can only purchase Cécred’s Nourishing Hair Oil on


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