Nothing to See Here, Just a Celebrity Armpit-Hair Appreciation Post

Getty / Jamie Squire

There’s nothing that makes us happier than seeing celebrities give a giant middle finger to patriarchal beauty standards and embrace their body hair on every platform, from social media to red carpet events. In the last year alone, we’ve seen a handful of stars – like Julia Michaels and Lourdes Leon – changing the narrative around body hair to their millions of fans, one selfie at a time. While the photos we’ve seen that celebrate hair on all parts of the body have been encouraging, we’ve also noticed many celebs seem to have a special appreciation for their underarm hair.

What people do with the hair on their body is a personal choice (and it should hardly be considered revolutionary), but in an era when people – specifically women – are heavily scrutinized by the public for their looks, it’s hard not to praise those who show theirs off with pride.

Read ahead to check out several celebrities who have fully embraced their armpit fuzz.

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