Can a Perfume Boost Your Sex Life? I Tried Charlotte Tilbury’s New Fragrances to See

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A perfume that could boost your sex life? There’s only one woman bold enough in the beauty industry to make that claim. Yes, makeup mogul, Charlotte Tilbury MBE, is expanding her beauty range by introducing a new fragrance line. But this is not just any perfume, according to Tilbury, these scents are designed to unlock your emotions.

As someone who has always advocated for the power of perfume and how it can not only benefit our mental wellbeing but take you to different places through the power of memories, this was right up my street. I had to get my hands on them before they officially launch on the Charlotte Tilbury app April 30 and online May 2. And what better way to try them all in one go than the Perfume Discovery Set, £25, which will be available online on next week. These sets, and small sample bottles, are perfect for giving scents a trial run before you purchase and I always like to keep a few in my handbag, in case I ever find myself in a smelly situation.

I got stuck in as quickly as I could to not only try each perfume but see if they could actually change my mood. Read on for my review of each scent and how some of them took me back to my teenage years.

About Charlotte Tilbury Fragrance Collection

  • The collection includes six new fragrances: More Sex, Love Frequency, Joyphoria, Magic Energy, Calm Bliss, and Cosmic Power.
  • Created alongside neuroscience experts and master perfumers from IFF (International Flavours and Fragrances) the range is designed to harness the power of scent to unlock emotions.
  • The perfumers used a palette of three types of ingredients – natural raw materials, synthetic raw materials and accords to help create the fragrances.
  • An expert scientist, Céline Manetta identified the notes that would trigger the olfactory receptors in the brain to elicit feelings of love, happiness, seduction, energy, empowerment and calm and used a data science algorithm to determine the notes.
  • Each perfume is £130 (100ml), £20 (10ml).

    My Review of the Charlotte Tilbury Fragrance Collection

    I’m going to break down the collection scent by scent for this section of the review as some of the perfumes took me back to my teenage years, whilst others gave me a much needed mood boost.

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