Curious About That Stray Hair on Your Chin? Here's the Cause, and Why It Keeps Growing Back

Getty / Cavan Images

Body hair is nothing to be ashamed of. After all, everyone has it – even some of your favorite celebrities have embraced their own on certain occasions. It’s true that some people have more hair on their bodies than others (that’s mostly thanks to genetics), but if you’ve ever happened upon a coarse stray hair that’s popped up somewhere you’ve never seen it before, like an area on your face, it’s natural to wonder why.

Take your chin, for example. If you’ve ever come across a random chin hair, you may have quickly grabbed a pair of tweezers and gently plucked it out just to get it off your face. While that’s a totally acceptable and easy solution, it also helps to understand why these hairs pop up in the first place. To save you a few Google searches – and maybe satisfy our own interests – we reached out to a dermatologist to find out what might be causing that one (or more) hair on your chin to grow.

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