Say Hello to Chub Rub Tape, the Answer to Avoiding Chafing For Good

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Chafing is extremely uncomfortable. In fact, that’s an understatement. It’s the worst! Not only is it painful, but it often happens at the most inopportune times — it’s not just a summer-related irritation. While there are a number of lotions and potions that can help stop chafing, this latest product release caught our attention.

Called Chub Rub Tape ($19.95), this new innovation is designed to prevent chafing and make you feel more confident. Created by Sydneysiders Mary Tatar and Jenna Wakley, Chub Rub Tape helps people of all sizes and shapes live life with ease and allows them to wear whatever clothes they want without worrying about chafing.

Made from 95 per cent cotton and five per cent spandex, the tape is hypoallergenic, latex-free, sweat-resistant and stretches up to 180 degrees. It comes in three colours and one strip of the Chub Rub Tape can be worn for up to six hours. Wear it to work, out to dinner, to the gym or while hiking — it’s that versatile.

Tatar and Wakley recommend using the tape anywhere you experience chafing including between the thighs, under the armpits and between the waistband of jeans. Simply cut off the desired amount of tape and stick it on. Removal is easy with a small application of oil.

“We believe all bodies are beautiful, no matter what size or shape,” said Tatar and Wakley in a press release. “Our product has been designed to be discreet, non-restricting, comfortable, long-lasting and kind to your skin. It ticks all the boxes!”

While anti-chafing creams are great, the versatility of the Chub Rub Tape makes it a winner as it doesn’t leave a moist residue and can be used underneath all manner of clothing. For more information, head to the Chub Rub Tape website.

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