Ciaté Founder Charlotte Knight’s Tips On How to Boost Your Confidence With Makeup

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Charlotte Knight is the bubbly, bright founder of cruelty-free makeup, nail polish and beauty brand, Ciaté.

During a recent Zoom with Knight — where she gave Australian media and influencers a look into the world of Ciaté — she reflected on the brand’s beginnings as well as many of the highlights experienced by Knight and her team over the years. One recent memorable moment was the 2020 collaboration with SmileyWorld, which saw Ciaté project ‘mood-boosting’ images of smiley faces onto some of London’s most iconic landmarks.

The events of last year saw a change in the way cosmetics are used and self-care became even more important, with many turning to skincare for this — including Knight. While our relationship with makeup might be slightly different in 2021, it’s still a great way to add structure to your day while also allowing you to experiment and get creative. For Knight, Ciaté’s products allow her to do just that.

As the brand prepares to launch a couple of new collaborations this year, there is also a large focus on skincare-infused makeup. Ciaté harnesses skincare products like hyaluronic acid and infuses its products — like the Extraordinary Foundation — with it to create skin-friendly makeup products. Keep reading for insight into all things Ciaté with Charlotte Knight.

POPSUGAR: Hi Charlotte! Thank you for your time. Ciaté is so beloved around the world. What inspired you to create your own brand?

Charlotte Knight: You are so welcome, we love POPSUGAR! Creating my own brand came about when I was working as a nail designer backstage at fashion week. I wanted to find a way to bring the creative, runway nail looks to retail in an accessible and approachable manner and that’s how the first iteration of Ciaté as a nail brand came to life.

PS: What made you jump from nails into other cosmetics?

CK: At the heart of Ciaté is innovation and colour. We jumped into colour cosmetics about five years ago as it seemed like the natural next step for the brand allowing us to explore pigment and texture to infuse our creativity into all colour categories. We love disrupting the white space and to push the boundaries of beauty with makeup artist favourites like Dewy Blush, Wonderwand Mascara and the Watermelon Burst Hydrating Primer

Ciaté Wonderwand Mascara

PS: Given all the time we have spent at home over the last year, has your personal approach to skincare and makeup changed?

CK: In terms of skincare I have been focusing on nourishing and calming formulations. We all need a bit of self-care at the moment! With all the Zoom calls, my approach to makeup hasn’t changed hugely but I do find myself being drawn to a bright red lip throughout the week to mix it up a little! We spend so much time looking at our reflection these days so a flash of colour can be very rewarding.

PS: While we might not be going out as much as before, why do you think beauty is still as important to one’s daily routine?

CK: As we are at home all day everyday, it can get quite monotonous. The simple act of getting dressed and putting on a little makeup everyday helps add structure and helps you get in the mindset of facing the day (so to speak!). It is also such a confidence booster and can be as simple as a tidy brow, slick of mascara, sheer coverage skin base and some lip gloss which can just help you take on the day.

PS: What Ciaté product can you not be without?

CK:  Whilst not new, my absolute hero Ciate product is Dewy Stix. It is the ultimate multi-tasking product! A highlighting balm in a stick which is always in my purse to give me a natural lit-from-within glow but I also use on my lips, collarbones, shoulders….the benefits go on and on.

Ciaté Dewy Stix

PS: What’s one beauty or nail trend for 2021 that you’re keen to try?

CK: Definitely our incredible makeup meets skincare formulas like Watermelon Burst Primer. We are focussing on hybrid formulations with efficacious skincare ingredients within make up as we want to make sure that our products don’t just look great but help your skin in the process!

PS: What’s your go-to nail colour when painting your nails at home?

CK: I honestly don’t have a go-to. I love to switch it up and be super adventurous when it comes to my nails. With our new Sun Switch nail polish, you don’t have to choose as it changes colour when you come in and out of the sunshine…it’s so magical. My favourite shade ‘Marshmallow’ turns from white to pink as you go in and out of the sun — it’s just so addictive to watch.

PS: What fun things does Ciaté have planned for 2021?

CK: Very proud to say that although most of our products are already vegan, we made a pledge two years ago to be 100% vegan by the end of 2021 and we are ahead of this timing so far which is a fabulous effort by the whole team. We also have two fabulous collaborations coming for 2021 which we are all very excited about, cannot wait to share with you guys.

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