Forget the Plop Method, This Curly Hair Hack Simply Uses Water and a Brush

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There are an abundance of curly hair hacks floating around the internet, including one of the most popular: Hair plopping. This technique helps to boost your natural waves without the need for heat styling and involves wrapping wet hair in a cotton T-shirt and leaving it overnight. The idea is that you wake up with defined, bouncy curls or intricate waves.

And, while this is a handy method of styling your hair sans heat, we recently came across another way to do this — all thanks to TikTok. And, it doesn’t need a whole night of sleep to perfect it, rather just a few hours for your hair to dry. Created by self-proclaimed skincare fairy godmother and licensed esthetician, Charlotte Palermino, all you need to carry out this hair method is water, a hairbrush and a teeny bit of mousse.

The most important part of this whole process is to avoid using a towel. No matter how tempted you might feel to lightly dry your hair, don’t! According to Palermino, this method works best for those with mildly wavy and curly hair and helps to define the hair’s natural wave pattern.

To do this, you have to start with wet hair. But not just wet, it has to be sopping — like dripping down your back, wet. At this point, Palermino parts her hair and begins to curl strands of her hair with a brush. Then, she takes a little squirt of mousse and lightly scrunches it into the hair. At this point, you could use a microfibre towel to carefully soak up some of the water, but take care not to crush the hair with the towel.

Now all you have to do is wait for it to dry and keep your hands away from your locks at this time — you don’t want to disrupt the hair drying into defined waves or curls by brushing your fingers through it. It might take a few hours to dry but, as Palermino’s video shows, it’s worth it.

To see the method in its entirety, watch Palermino’s TikTok video below.

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