Is Curology Worth the Hype? I Tried the Trendy Skincare App to Find Out

POPSUGAR Photography / Carrie Carrollo

It’s hard to say when I first noticed Curology ads on YouTube, but I am sure of one thing: the brand quickly landed on my radar – and stayed there. Maybe it was the convincing before-and-after photos splashed across my laptop screen, or maybe it was the familiar faces and voices of popular Gen Z YouTubers behind those ads. It’s most likely a combination of both, but either way, I’ve been intrigued ever since. Fast forward to today, and I can finally say I’ve tried it.

At the beginning of the novel coronavirus outbreak in the US, many of us were left wondering if and when real life would resume. Would hair salons be closed indefinitely? Would in-person shopping ever be the same? Would (and could) telemedicine be an effective replacement for in-person care? I decided to explore the latter question by diving into the world of digital dermatology. That’s where Curology comes in.

Although there are countless ways to address and treat your skin-care concerns online – from active forums to digital appointments and beyond – Curology not only seemed like a simple, customized, and trustworthy process (licensed professionals assess your skin), but truthfully, I was curious to know if it was worth the hype. So now, two months after filling out the brand’s easy skin-care quiz, I’m sharing my thoughts and results.

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