You’ve Tried Acne Stickers, But What About Dark Spot Patches?

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Acne stickers are relatively common these days, with many people (including me!) turning to them when a pimple pops up. These patches work thanks to the addition of hydrocolloid, which absorbs gunk from the blemish and dries it out. Popping a sticker over a pimple also removes the temptation to pick or squeeze it, which in turn, is better for your skin.

There is also a lesser-known sticker on the beauty market that targets dark spots. There are a number of all-over products, like serums, that are designed to help dark spots and contain ingredients like vitamin C and niacinamide. These ingredients have been formulated into a new delivery method of the patch.

For many people, once a zit is gone, it often leaves a little spot in its place, which is annoying to get rid of. While dark spot stickers might not work for those who experience hyperpigmentation across their face, they are great for those with zit-induced dark spots.

There isn’t a ton of options when it comes to buying dark spot stickers in Australia, so your best bet is tracking down Hyperfade ($49) by Zitsticka, which you can find online or in Priceline. Coming in a box of 12 patches, each sticker is layered with 24 self-dissolving microdarts that melt within two hours of application, releasing ingredients that brighten and regenerate the skin.

These include hyaluronic acid, to draw moisture out, niacinamide to help with redness, vitamin C to help prevent melanin production, which results in dark spots. These ingredients work to heal the damage done by the pesky pimple, while also restoring tone and texture to your skin.

To use, simply cleanse your skin and allow it to dry. Then apply the sticker and leave it for at least two hours, or ideally, overnight. Zitsticka recommends repeating this process every three days for two weeks or until the dark spot has faded. Remember to wear SPF (which you should already be wearing every day anyway!) as these ingredients can make your skin sensitive to the sun.

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