The Ordinary’s Parent Company DECIEM Launches into the World of Fragrance


DECIEM, the parent company responsible for our beloved brand, The Ordinary, has dipped its toe into the world of fragrance. This foray into scents comes in the form of a room fragrance called Abnomaly SHOP ($28), which was originally created five years ago to be used in DECIEM stores around the world.

Following numerous requests from lovers of the scent, DECIEM has decided to bottle the fragrance and make it available for your home. The scent itself is the perfect balance of playful and cozy fragrance notes thanks to the addition of fresh cedar, white amber, white musk and patchouli, which is sure to suit a number of areas within your space.

DECIEM founder, the late Brandon Truaxe, partnered with London-based perfumer Azzi Glasser to create the scent, which Glasser describes as “capturing the essence of DECIEM’s abnormal yet welcoming space through the construction of notes and accords that blend together as a unique DNA print”.

According to Glasser, Truaxe wanted to create an aroma that customers would automatically associate with DECIEM as soon as they entered the store.

“Brandon knew that smell is a tricky sense to convey through space, especially invisibly, and briefed me to create a fragrance that could transport one directly into the world of DECIEM,” Glasser said. He wanted a feeling of being lifted into a comforting, cosy bubble with a touch of edginess.”

To use, simply spray throughout any well-ventilated space and enjoy the lingering spicy, warm scent. You can find Abnomaly SHOP in DECIEM stores across Australia, as well as online.

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