Derek Hough Shares a Hilarious Story About the Time He Accidentally Ripped J Lo's Hair Out

Getty / Angela Weiss

A note for the masses: if you’re ever lucky enough to be invited to go salsa dancing with Derek Hough, maybe wear your hair in a bun. In honor of this week’s icon-themed episode of Dancing With the Stars, Hough, who serves as a judge on the show, told a hilarious story about an encounter he once had with Jennifer Lopez.

In a series of Instagram Stories shared on Nov. 9, Hough explained that he frequently collaborates with the singer, but before the two of them began working closely, they decided to go salsa dancing together for a night. While dancing, Hough apparently dipped Lopez, as one does, and all was good until he pulled her back up.

“I stepped on her hair and pulled her back up and, unfortunately, I yanked out a chunk of her hair,” he said. “Not the best moment that I’ve had in my life.” Considering how hard J Lo and her hairstylist work to consistently make sure her hair is looking stunning, something like this sounds like it’d be our worst nightmare. Luckily for Hough, Lopez was able to laugh it off and there were no hard feelings.

“She didn’t hold it against me and we had a wonderful working relationship with each other for the next couple of years,” he said. “Thanks for not hating me after that, Jennifer.” Head over to Hough’s Instagram Stories to hear the full story for yourself.

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